The Child Grave Cover Ups In Ireland And Abuses, Whats Going On Ireland?

Like the 2012 The Big Picture we never covered the story of the mass children’s graves found in Ireland.  The story has been  reported in the corporate news media, so at RH we let the story run to see where they would go with the findings.  Here’s where the corporate news media won’t take you (link below) obviously because the truth has such far-reaching implications I would liken the crimes committed by these “elites” to those  of the Nazis in WWII.

Why do we persist in condoning  those implicated in the crimes carry to out the criminal investigations, as in this essay “the Irish government and Roman Catholic church have announced their own in-house investigation of the mass grave”.  An analogy to Jack the Ripper investigating the Whitechapel Murders could be made. The Big Picture goes onto to say  it is “the standard procedure in any institutional cover up”.  I have to say, what will it take for the Irish people to become engaged against the systematic deconstruction of their country?  We’ve had the fiasco of the Irish Bankers, laughing in the faces of the Irish people. God, these bankers are Financial Terrorists.  This 12 minute video by the way has 15,529 views, the pulation of Ireland was 4,586,000 million as of 2012.  The report from the Big Picture mentions that 100s of protestors marched in Dublin to the Irish Dale. Your country was stolen from you years ago by the Crown of England, who selected the corrupt politicians you elected.  Now your country has been handed over to the Banks, and their cahoots in  the EU to rule over you.

We have the Bethany Home incident.

So we have the potential  mass murder of children, which is a crime, unless you are a Catholic Archbishop. See  the Daily Mail,

Those implicated in the crimes, investigating the crimes.  The Irish Dale, exonerate the Bankers for their pernicious practices in blowing up the  Irish economy.  15,529 are engaged in the video, showing the deconstruction of their economy,  and a few hundred marchers,  protesting at the  discovery of graves amounting to over 1000 children.  Veronica Keen in her series, Adventures in Reality, parts 1,2 and 3 speaks of her childhood in Ireland,where very few children escaped buggery or rape by the Catholic Priesthood.

Ireland has over time evolved into a nation of the subservient, only Ireland can free its self  from its self-imposed captivity.

” Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man, living in the sky, who watches over everything you do every minute of everyday of your life.  And he has a list of 10 things he does not want you to do.  And if you do any of these things, he has a special place full of fire and smoke and ash and torture where he will send you to suffer and burn and scream and cry for ever and ever until the end of time.  But he Loves you anyway … He loves you and he needs money ”

– George Carlin

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.

Savile – Who’s Responsible? Why The Police Of Course

Garry Glitter, the latest celebrity, thrown to the lions (public).

Old Axiom “If you throw up, you’ll feel better”.

This report is 18 months old now, the public are being drip fed parts of the truth, however all the big questions remain unanswered.  This is because the corporate news media don’t have permission from their owners to ask the big questions.

Who were Savile’s friends in high places ?

Who protected him?  He often quoted he was protected.

Who instructed the police on numerous occasions to drop their investigations ?

Why have all references to various members of the Royal Family been suppressed by the corporate media ?

Why is there a different law for the authoritarian plutocracy in the UK ?

Yes the paper may be the Daily Star but we wanted the focus on the redacted links with Savile and Prince Charles, and the Daily Star had the courage to print the truth.

Edward Heath, Tony ( liar)  Blair and Prince Charles are hardly mentioned in the probe into Savile.  Of course the police denied any wrong doing regarding Savile and carry on their  merry way investigating themselves when some truth surfaces referring to their inactivity and their non-intervention while the crimes were taking place.  Not surprisingly they award themselves a clean bill of health, and so the farce that is Operation Yewtree continues, till a satisfactory conclusion.   Satisfactory that is, to those that instituted the investigation. The clues in the word “institute”-ed.

David Icke has done such a wonderful  investigation and reported his findings. I chose the word wonderful intentionally, because truly in time people will awaken to the wonderful service people like David Icke are gifting  humanity. Only the truth will set us free. When people are made aware of the truth,then they will empower themselves to change the world.

Savile was allowed to operate by the BBC, unhindered. Savile was allowed to operate with the knowledge and appeasement of hundreds of police officers, from various forces (all documented) for many, many years. His victims were known to the police. What a sad indictment on the British police that they were unwilling to come together to end Savile’s crimes,putting their livelihoods and the police force before Savile’s victims.   Here’s another brave soul, shining the light into the world of institutional criminal etiquette.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney

Savile – The Police Cover Up: Who Were They Protecting? – Huge Sums of TAXPAYERS “handed to vile child – sex pervert group” by Home Office Officials.

David is as usual on the money.  It’s been 20 plus years of ridicule, blood, sweat and tears – and derisory headlines. We, the world community, are eternally grateful for your tireless endeavors.

The people are not going to let this go, these vile child sex criminals and murderers will all be brought to justice.  Starting with the police officers who turned a blind eye because those responsible are politicians, judges, royalty and Freemasons.

The truth always finds a way, after all its guarded by the divine.

Cameron And Queen Issued Paedophila Related Arrest Warrants While The Pope Named In Child Trafficking – Pope Francis is named by former Argentine junta insider as “prime mover” in child trafficking network. Francis concealed Vatican – Crown of England “Holyrood Agreement” authorizing joint coverup of child rape in Anglican and Catholic churches. – Queen Elizabeth and Cameron issued warrants for a paedophile ring.

The headlines says it all, take a read.  We have put up information regarding this pope before on RH and it seems like the net is tightening.  Long may these exposes carry on untill all the criminals who perpetuated their evil on innocent children from the top down be brought to justice.

Love and Light as always

The Perfect Storm For The British Establishment Part 1: Paedophilia

TPUC .org – Blair covering up paedophile scandal.

Read the above.  Even after the passage of time this report makes for very disturbing reading.  We have a public inquiry where various facts cannot be reported for 100 years, a paedophile ring being protected by Tony Blair (Prince John) under the guise of National Security and a massive British Establishment masonic cover up.  The mafioso of course were called in to investigate, this time in the guise of Lord Cullen who is now yes you guessed it a baron.

There is a huge police investigation being under taken at the moment into Saville, who has been made the “fall guy” for the British Establishment as will be revealed.  We’re not saying he’s innocent but he’s become a scapegoat. Looking at Scotland with Dunblane and Thomas Hamilton, not forgetting Hollie Greig – all as yet to be revealed and connected to the massive child sex crime Freemasonry ring operating in Scotland.

Saville is connected to Dando.

Love and blessings

The Perfect Storm For The British Establishment Part 2: The David Kelly Death Revelations

The Child Abuse Web Widens

Take a look at some of the lengths the British Establishment will go to cover its crimes against children, over on

Andrea Davison is  a whistleblower whom the UK fascist state has decided to Destroy.  As usual in these child crimes the state used the police as a first line of defense to keep the criminals safe.  It’s amazing how many of the police actively protect the criminals when they sign up to protect the citizens, the Freemasons in the police and judicatory have a lot to answer for and they all will.  For more and more dirty deeds of the British Fascist state regarding Andrea Davison –

Are Social services complicit in UK Child Abuse?  We are sure that they are, so are the writers of this site.  Lots of Love and Truth is being shinned on the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes against children by the people on these websites.  Watch out the bad people, the good people are exposeing you all.

Justice denied are arguing that Jill Dando was murdered by the state to keep lid on the elite Paedophile Ring – have read and see what you think!  The article confirms what many people knew – Barry George was just another in a long line of “state patsys”, no comment is meant in any derisory manner to Barry George.  It should surprise no one however that once again the Met’s finest have been complict in yet another long line of crimes against the innocent.

“Monsanto is a crime against Humanity”

“Ignorance is like a fog it limits your vision”

– Robin Hood

One doucmentary we highly recommend you discover is We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wiki Leaks.

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“Our lives begin toend the day we become silent about the things that matter”

– Martin Luther King

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