Where Is All This Cancer Coming From? Three Big Sources

There are three big sources of cancer distribution to mankind, Chemtrails are one.

WorldTruth.tv – Busted Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS While Landing

GeoengineeringWatch.org – Bill Gates, Monsanto, Chemtrails & Vaccines – The Critical Tie Points

Again information sites on the MEDIA THAT MATTERS are too numerous to list regarding vaccines.  With the information we posses at RH regarding vaccines,we wouldn’t vaccinate a cabbage from the garden.   Here are two excellent Truth sites about vaccinations in our opinion.



Vaccinations are another.  At RH we have been reporting on the vaccination criminals from day one. Here are updates from another top truth site.

The Liberty Beacon – A New Autoimmunity Syndrome Linked to Aluminum In Vaccines

The Liberty Beacon – Groundbreaking Study: Vaccines Cause Children More Adverse Reactions Than Any Other Drug

You see once you begin to get your head around this information, people’s first reaction is dis-belief followed by amazement.  Then they are bewildered, frightened and then people begin to get angry.

Now, here’s the secret.  With all those emotions,you begin to engage in reality, and start to change what is present to what you would like to create for yourself,your family and humanity.  It’s really that simple.  See you have now got rid of all the bollocks you’ve been carrying around for all these years that “you’re not good enough, and what can I do?”

Fluoride is number three (just in case  one & two didn’t get you).

If you were told to drink, bathe in and eat poison, and lets not forget wash your mouth in it as well, how many of you given the choice would choose to participate?  Yes we know there are some, we refer you back to your head to see if you’ve removed the micro-chip yet?

All Truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed: Second it is Violently Opposed: Third it is accepted as self evident.

– Artur Schopenhauer

Again we have touched on the subject of fluoride, on many occasions at RH.



One for our Australian Family, help to ban fluoride in Australian water supplies.  So you see undeniable proof world-wide of the Fluoride Cancer scenario.

By now you may well be asking CHEMTRAILS- VACCINATIONS – FLUORIDE, does this mean something?   Anyone would think our rulers don’t like us.  You may well be correct, but why?

Find out more on our post The Depopulation Programme.





Expert on Geoengineering (Chemtrails) Dane Wigington OR They Wouldn’t Do That … Would They?

This video comes via 2012 The Big Picture.  They wrote that it made them re-consider what they took as truth.  Watch this powerful video and see that you learn.

Geoengineering is a tool used by the powerful to control the many.  It is a perversion of our world.

The Magic times will soon be here.

Geoengineering – Still Think It’s A Conspiracy? Please Read This

Koenig2009.wordpress.com – Civilian aircraft are involved in clandestine geoengineering.

Viewzone.com – Chemtrails: the real reason.

The Telegraph – Floods show risk of ignoring Climate change says Prince Charles.

As the documentary (below) says, stop the climate con artists.  Governments worldwide are  responsible for the geoengineering.  They know the exact cause of all these shifting weather patterns, its of their design.  In the UK one of the answers churned out by the corporate news (views) media is to charge 5p for plastic carrier bags in the supermarkets.  The biggest sadness however is the UK population actually believing this stuff.  Another answer – close all the UK heavy engineering.  Steel, shipbuilding, mining etc that’s supposed to be responsible for the rise in CO2, send it to India and China.

What a great way to also cripple a countries independence.  By the way as a nice little plus to the corporations who have relocated, their bottom line increases as their costs especially labour decline.  It seems strange how they benefit and British workers lose their jobs.

The Guardian – Worldwide cancer cases expected to soar by 70% over next 20 years.

  • How many politicians do you know that are asking where all this cancer is coming from?
  • How many doctors do you know that are asking where all this cancer is coming from?

The answer – Your breathing it in, its in the water you shower/bathe in.  Fluoride, its in the vaccinations you put into your body, and in the food you eat.

We have several causes and effects going on at once here,  start connecting the dots……………………………

  1. Governments are spraying poison from planes.
  2. These poisons leave a residue known as chemtrails.
  3. These chemtrails affect the weather (climate)
  4. Governments blame global warming and when the people realise this is a lie they say its climate change.
  5. Governments introduce climate change taxes.
  6. Cancer increases
  7. Heavy engineering is transferred from the West to the East”

The end game?  Ask your governments, because until you do this cycle is going on and on.

Love and Light.

Chem-Device Dropped Over San Diego And Detonated? Are You Ready For This?

In case you missed it in our Sunday Reblog here is a potentially very disturbing video.  It shows an object going against the wind in a layer of chemtrails before breaking up over the city and dropping debris on San Diego.

What is it?  What is it’s purpose?  Take a look and make up your mind.

Love and blessings

What is This Mysterious Device Deployed and Exploded Over San Diego? [video] – The Sunday Reblog Via 2012 The Big Picture

This week’s Sunday Reblog comes from the amazing source of information and truth that is 2012 The Big Picture!  It’s a post on some potentially very disturbing footage that the camera man has described as a Chem-bomb being dropped over San Diego, watch the video and decide for yourself.

I now think this is a device dropped from a chem plane that helps them track their efforts in some way. All that debris looks like metallic particles that might help the tracking – or maybe we just do not know. It is a bit shocking to see this over houses though.

Watch the video and read the full post here on 2012 The Big Picture.

Love and blessings