A Secret Has Been Uncovered: Cancer Is Not A Disease But Business

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Reality Analysts, Doctors, Nurses, Investigative Journalists and Truth Seekers have been alerting People concerning the Cancer Industry for Decades. Unfortunately as with many scenarios in the present day one needs to follow the Money Trail to uncover the Truth.

For almost 100 years Big Pharma has been soliciting money from the Public to find Cancer Cures, when its a well¬† documented fact, Cures for Cancers exist today. However the Cancer Cures are all Natural Remedies and Ingredients. Big Pharma is seeking the ‘Magic Bullet’ as it were to Cure Cancer, that ‘Magic Bullet’ must consist of a synthetic/artificial¬† Cure enabling Big Pharma to Patent and Licence their Cure for Profit. They will fail.

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OUTRAGE: Big Pharma Ordered To Pay $70 Million After Concealing Adverse Effects Of Cancer Drugs And Misleading Doctors


This article proved to be rather poignant. Cancer.

My younger Brother Peter 4.11.1954, passed into the Light, Thursday 16th June 2016, prognosis, Lung Cancer.

All so avoidable, another unnecessary death, in which we today posses many answers and suppressed knowledge to one of the great scourges on Humanity.

Would like to add just one small comment to this most excellent synopsis from starshipearththebigpicture.com

We really must begin to Jail these Criminals and their Associates for a very, very long time: After all, are not their Crimes Against humanity?

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Thank Goodness for my Brother Peter. He will Eternally be a Part of Me and for that I Am Truly Grateful.

Happy Days when we meet again Peter, I Love You Always.

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