The Black Cumin Protocol For Cancer.

The essays, LINK Below, heralds Big Pharma’s worst nightmare.


Big Pharma, are not in the Cure Business, theirs is the Treatment Business.

Submitted by Jenni Bodenham. Jennies description “This Stuff Is A Miracle In A Bottle”

The next post on RH, is a follow on to this essay.

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Cancer: This Cure Is Not For You, According To Cancer Research UK

Here’s a 15 minute broadcast via TPV (The Peoples Voice) hosted via As a passing comment I found the reference to Wikipedia strange. Those on the media that matters are aware Wikipedia is an information site where truth is detailed as consiracy. We would be loath at RH to reference Wikipedia for a recipe. Wikipedia, as with most corporations only perform, provided they conform.

There are three links below referencing to the Cancer Industry. Yes, sadly the Cancer Industry exists solely for profit. The statement is so outrageous and defamatory the first reaction of many is anger, then disbelief. However once you empower yourself and start your own investigation you will quickly conclude from the information available, there is a vast conspiracy encompassing  Big Pharma, Corporate Governments and their relevent Health Authorities to suppress the truth regarding Cancer.

Below is a link to a 20 minute video exposé.  More and more truth.  With so much evidence compiled by the sincere and the wise, its increasingly unsustainable that Big Pharma has your heath at he heart of its quintessence.

Big Pharma is seeking the “Holy Grail” of Cancer cures. That “Holy Grail” is a cure it can patent. Marijuana, Bicarbonate of Soda,Vitamin C can all be purchased for a few pounds or less. In the case of Marijuana you can grow your own cure. And finally to this first class essay from Waking Times.

As you can see, we’ve barely scratched the surface on the Cancer Industry. There’s an immense amount of information freely available. Who do you believe? Who holds your interests at heart? In all honesty only you can decide.

“Sometimes, I want to ask God why he allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world when he could be doing something about it, but im afraid he might ask me the same question”

– Charles Dickens

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Cancer – The True Cures And Corporate “Reality” – Top Five Herbs To Fight Cancer

Here’s an update on cancer from this excellent health information site.  At RH we use often extol the virtues of Natural News.  Now we go to an update of Stephen’s story, and then we go to Cancer Research UK for an update of how much money is being thrown at cancer to find the “Holy Grail” cure as Big Pharma say.

The Metro – Stephen’s Story: Teenage cancer patient raises £3m for charity as he reveals he ‘feels so, so, so good’

Cancer Research UK – Near-doubling of UK cancer research funding in less than 10 years

What Big Pharma say and what Big Pharma mean however are total opposites.  Big Parma’s “Holy Grail” cancer cure is one that they can patent, therefore licensing the cancer cure to enrich their company.  The Big Pharma and Government sponsored research laboratories already have untold natural cures for cancer.  The trouble is they cannot be patented to make money as they are all natural cures, costing a few $s or £s.  RH has already covered this subject in detail, however go onto your search engines and do some research into cancer cures.  You will be amazed at the knowledge we already posses for the cancer cures.  Certain”organisations” and governmental authorities close the research and the people down who discover these cures.  This information is well-known on the Media that Matters, but will not be reported in/on the Corporate News Media.  The Globalist Banking conspirators not only own Big Pharma, they also own the Corporate News Media.

So here we are, we have the knowledge regarding the cancer cures, all natural.  This has been established beyond doubt.  Then we have people and patients like Stephen raising huge amounts of money.   And then we have Cancer research informing us of the £Ms they spend and the drugs they have to fight cancer (not a CURE) and how we over a period of years are combating the disease.  An example;

The Guardian – Breast cancer drug turned down for NHS use due to high cost.

The Telegraph – Half of cancer sufferers will be ‘cured

Again when you read this article the word is not cured, its survived.  Its so easy though to manipulate and argue regarding statistics, and their meaning.

However let’s get to the main issue regarding this post and that is – Where is all this cancer coming from?

Can anyone inform us of a politician or Doctor who is asking – where’s all this cancer coming from?

There must be people asking this question, as of yet however at RH we are yet to be aware of anyone with sufficient “Panache or Charisma” as many worship in the celebrity culture, or even hows this – someone with International Stature, to ask ,surely this most fundamental question.


In our next post we at RH will endeavour to discover the answer.

Love and Light to you all


Selfies For Cancer Research: How Many More Cures Do You Want Already?

BIG PHARMA have many cures for cancer, and just about every other illness know to man & woman ; and they have for many years.  Big Pharma are not about making you well, they are about their wealth,not your health. – Molecular biologist explains how THC kills cancer completely.  This is just one example on the cancer cures, RH has visited the subject many times.  There have been so many books written by different authors regarding cancer cures, we must surely be getting to the stage where we can actually fill a library with the books on various cancer cures.  Then start to do some research on THE MEDIA THAT MATTERS and you will be amazed at how much Truth is freely available on the cancer cures. – What if you found the Holy Grail of Natural Medicine?  Again if you read this post it explains how the cancer cures are kept from you by the health administrations, who answer to  governments ,who take instructions from Big Pharma who answer to the Globalist Bankers who finance the whole  kit & caboodle.  However this process is far from unique to the USA, sadly this paradigm of  Kleptocracy can be found in the majority of countries world-wide.

How easy it is for the oligarchy (Globalist Bankers) to manipulate the people,come up with another money-making racket to scam the unsuspecting public to pay over and over again. By getting a few “celebrities” to take off their make up and all of a sudden they’ve robbed you of £8,000,000 and counting.  Peoples empathy, love , compassion, care and heartfelt feelings for their fellow man, woman are easy emotions for the oligarchy(Globalist Bankers ) to maneuver in the direction they lead you,after all,most people have lost or know of someone who has succumb or been diagnosed with cancer.

If you believe nothing of what we say regarding this post on RH,please,please do some investigating yourself,and hopefully rob this cancer industry of its proceeds of fraud.

Happy Days