HPV Vaccine Scam: NIH Scientist Exposes Corruption In Cancer And Vaccine Industries

Truth will eventually out, in all of life’s twists and turns. Two examples here, may we say from Tortured Souls, unable to serve their Past Master Money.

As the Truth and Love Vibration continues to intensifies on Planet Earth increasing numbers of those unable to operate in the shadows (Lies and Deceit) ‘Will Out’

Two extensive reports, hence short on comment from us.

“The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective”

Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Happy Days.



Can You Handle the Truth About Vaccines?

Read this essay and weep.


We,ve been banging the drum against vaccines at RH since our inception. This is a pretty extensive report into the Truths and the Nightmares of Big Parma’s vaccination program. One more of many post to entail the   “vaccination programme” on RH? Why vaccinations?  Why to destroy your immune system from the moment you are born, keeping you reliant on Big Pharma for the rest of your life. The vaccination program has  achieved, and surpassed all its objectives. Big Pharma, have been  consistently the No1 making money corporations in the world, superceded only by the Smartphone corporations in recent years.  I used to walk our dog with two others and their dogs. They and their wives were all addicted to Big Pharma (Perscription Drugs). Hardly a week passed without one visiting the local doctor. Trying to show, inform, lead, cajole or  prove  alternatives to them was harder than convincing Barak Obama to change.



Consider how Big Pharma has suppressed the cures from a common cold to cancer.  When those responsible  are finally held to account, there’s going to be an awful lot of accounting to be done. It’s all in this post, as with untold other papers and essays  on the media that matters. There is a remarkable video link ,here just incase you miss it, at 17.46 minutes long, it’s a must view.


Here’s also another exposé, one of thousands on the media that matters , a brief synopsis on the author Catherine J Frompovichs book Vaccination Voodoo.


One other Truth site you may like to view.



Try and manage a couple of hours out of your very busy lives and digest the truth of the  information on this RH post. The message is really quite profound. There are many renowned Doctors, Professors and Leaders in the field of Medicine, who are speaking out against the lie that is the vaccination program.Please pass this information on to as many as possible. People are best able, given the opportunity, to make informed decisions  and choices based on the Truth and the Facts. This information will not be made public by the media whores whether broadcast or in print. They are  owned by the same controllers as Big Pharma.

As previously stated the misery and suffering perpetrated on humanity by Big Pharma and its associates is incalculable. So many lives destroyed and left in ruin, and then you have the families and friends of the victims. The conspiracy is so vast and so egregious its become for so many impossible to comprehend. However, many now thankfully are awakened, a long time coming.

Somehow the excuse “I did what I was told” or “I did it for the money” will somehow not suffice. For now lets all keep opening up the Truth.

“You have enemies ? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life”

Winston Churchill

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Michael J McCartney


Cancer: This Cure Is Not For You, According To Cancer Research UK

Here’s a 15 minute broadcast via TPV (The Peoples Voice) hosted via davidicke.com. As a passing comment I found the reference to Wikipedia strange. Those on the media that matters are aware Wikipedia is an information site where truth is detailed as consiracy. We would be loath at RH to reference Wikipedia for a recipe. Wikipedia, as with most corporations only perform, provided they conform.

There are three links below referencing to the Cancer Industry. Yes, sadly the Cancer Industry exists solely for profit. The statement is so outrageous and defamatory the first reaction of many is anger, then disbelief. However once you empower yourself and start your own investigation you will quickly conclude from the information available, there is a vast conspiracy encompassing  Big Pharma, Corporate Governments and their relevent Health Authorities to suppress the truth regarding Cancer.




Below is a link to a 20 minute video exposé.  More and more truth.  With so much evidence compiled by the sincere and the wise, its increasingly unsustainable that Big Pharma has your heath at he heart of its quintessence.

Big Pharma is seeking the “Holy Grail” of Cancer cures. That “Holy Grail” is a cure it can patent. Marijuana, Bicarbonate of Soda,Vitamin C can all be purchased for a few pounds or less. In the case of Marijuana you can grow your own cure. And finally to this first class essay from Waking Times.


As you can see, we’ve barely scratched the surface on the Cancer Industry. There’s an immense amount of information freely available. Who do you believe? Who holds your interests at heart? In all honesty only you can decide.

“Sometimes, I want to ask God why he allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world when he could be doing something about it, but im afraid he might ask me the same question”

– Charles Dickens

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney