The Fix Is In: Newsweek Already Has An Issue In Print, Boxed And Ready To Ship Declaring Hillary Clinton The Winner

“The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they’re not”

Hillary Clinton.

You know who ever wins the American Presidential Race in 2016, Clinton or Trump, America and the world will ultimately be the Looser.

Just have a feeling that the World will lose so much more under Hillary.

Make no mistake the November 8th Result, will herald the Beginning of the End for Hillary, along with her Partner in Crime Bill and their entire entourage, that runs into the 100s.

hillary-bill-clinton-memoriesHappy Days.


Voting For The Vagina? [video]

Well in our opinion Thomas Sheridan nailed it. Can’t bring ourselves to even listen to BBC Question Time, never mind watch it. The content, Establishment Directive mixed with Political Correctness on Steroids is certainty unpalatable for Free Thinkers, able to see Beyond the Corporate Narrative.

What more can one say concerning Hillary? Well Thomas Sheridan definitely has a Try!


Happy Days.



Rigging The Election: Proof Hillary Knows [video]

Although the Link to this video is contained in this article from starship, its more than worthy we feel of a lead into this post.


The question on the minds of those who aware of the ‘American Election FIX’ is what are the American People, again those able to comprehend the skullduggery going to do about it. Starship writes concerning the expected Fireworks approaching the 8th November. Here in good old blighty we celebrate Guy Fawkes on November 5th, commonly known as Firework Night/Bonfire Night. Can’t help wondering if he had been successful in his Plot to Blow Up Parliament, the World Today may somehow be a more gentle a place. After all is not the British Parliament the ‘Mother Of All Deceit?’

Have to pay homage with this song to starship without seeming to blow wind up their backside ‘Nobody Tells It Better’

Happy Days.