Peter Hitchens And The Political Elite, Once Again Gathered At BBC (Buggering Boys Continuously) Question Time

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”

Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Liberal Fascist Owen Jones talks about “Immigrants propping up the NHS” You will never hear a Liberal Fascist (Three Politicians on the panel) admitting immigrants actually benefit by using the NHS, State Education, Social Care, the Infrastructure in Britain, Housing, Transport, Roads etcetera. Truth is Voting is a useless exercise as Bankers Govern Britain through their fraternity the Politicians, be they Liberal, Labour or Conservative. Then we have ‘State Media’ BBC, SKY. ITV and Channel 4, commonly recognised as  the Media Whores who facilitate the Authoritarian Plutocracy Narrative.

Happy days.

The ‘Whores’ At The BBC, Plus, More BBC Fake News


You have to admire the duplicity at the BBC. It’s such a subtle, insidious business model, forcing their viewers, by way of British Law, with a threat of a fine or imprisonment to pay for their own propaganda.


These two article both portray the British Government narrative, although they cover entirely different subjects, nonetheless the authoritarian plutocracy governing Britain has its State Broadcaster subservient to all Governments directives.

Poor Jeremy Corbyn, what with the Israeli Lobby undermining his leadership and the BBC (Incumbent Government Lackeys) questioning his position in the Labour party, his vulnerability is laid bare.


Happy Days.


Ken Loach: BBC News Manipulative And Deeply Political

“Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle that fits them all”

Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Our first reaction on reading this article is; Whats New?

The BBC are able to adopt an ‘Indifference Policy’ to their dis-tractors as quite simply they have every household on the hook for £145.50 Tax, per annum, regardless if you choose to view BBC content or not.

Since the inception of RH we have advocated the BBC should no longer be funded by the British Tax Payers. How easy for an incumbent Government to direct the BBC narrative as they ultimately hold the purse strings of the broadcaster via Taxpayer Funding. No greater example exists than the BBC absolute bias against Brexit, pre Brexit Vote.

Too numerous to list, the BBC has proven over many years to Manage, Manipulate and Castigate World News.

Well worth your time. This is a 4.31 minute video exemplifying the ‘BBC Directive’

Happy Days.



BBC License Payers – Are You Mad?!

The Daily Mail – How iSpend your license fee: Outrage as BBC lavishes £2,500,000 on 4000 iPhones, 400iPads and 800 MacBooks for staff in just 2 years.

People who purchase a BBC tax license fee need to consult a psychiatrist.  The BBC tax license fee was introduced in 1946 and as the first TV Broadcaster in Britain one TV channel was broadcast.  Fast forward 68 years and 500 TV channels later and you are still expected to pay the BBC tax license whether you choose to watch the BBC or not.  Are we living in a democracy or a BBC Oligarchy.  Of course the BBC can do what they like with the TV tax license fee,  it’s not their money.

The Telegraph – BBC Spends £28,000,000 of License fee payers money gagging 500 staff.

We have good old Tony Hall (Lord Hall of Birkenhead) Mafioso,Director General.  We also have good old Chris Patten (Lord Patten) Mafioso, Chairman of the BBC Trust – both steering the ship Savile, Jolly Roger, damage limitation directing the publics perception that all is well and its business as usual  as long as the public keep on paying their TV tax license fee.

Wake up, this enforced payment to watch TV is archaic.  What other civilised society needs to participate in this kleptocracy that purports to be entertainment.

They only take your TV tax license fee because you pay it.  Who will be the first to start an online petition to privatise the BBC?

Love to you all