The BBC’s Huge Nelson Mandela Coverage And His Quote You Need To Read

The BBC has announced it has sent 120 people to cover the funeral of Nelson Mandela and will start bring them back to the UK at the weekend.  ITV has announced it sent seven people to cover the funeral.  The difference here is not only the total of people sent, it’s that the BBC know it’s not their money, it’s the British taxpayer’s money dressed up as a License.

Here is one of many famous quotes you won’t see on the BBC, Fox News, CNN or Sky.

If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world it is the United States of America.  They don’t care for Human Beings”

– Nelson Mandela

People of America don’t shoot the messenger, you’re playing into the Globalist Bankers psyche the way you’ve been programmed to do. With all Nelson Mendela’s faults, and he had many as we all do, focus on the message – on what he’s saying.  Then you can change America, something you have longed for or you would not have voted in President Obama.  Sadly he was the only one that changed, people worldwide long for change; we are not however going to change things by voting every four or five years, by voting we are just perpetuating the system that has caused the problem.

“There’s a joke circulating America that Santa is the NSAs employee of the month. Coz he sees you when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake!!!”

– Traci Frost

Love and blessings

ADHD Is A Lie Says Inventor, Cancer and Chakras & Light On Obama’s Masters

“Everyone in my life has something to teach me, we have a purpose in being together”

There as been a report on Russia Today news.  A Euro stat survey puts 125 million EU citizens risk now going of below poverty line.

In health ADHD inventor Leon Eisenberg at the age of 87 years and 7 months in his last interview before his death  has said “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease”.  ADHD medication measured 34Kg in 1993-1760 Kg, by 2011 a 51 fold increase in America.  1 in 10 boys of 10 year olds is medicated on a daily basis.  Regarding cancer read about this eye opening documentary that looks at it’s financial returns for big companies.  Use your chakras and meditation to help improve your health and well-being, find  out more here.

“Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain”

Read this NSNBC Internationalheadline!! New Zealand Waikato Times caught reversing Fluoridation Poll Results.

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate intervention: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases while the citizens may act only by permission”

– Ayn Rand

American humor, we love it at Robin Hood:

“the NSA is the only part of our government that’s listening”

Americais  involved in everything but responsible for nothing while Barack Obama the master deceiver.

Read this for more about the real power behind Barack Obama.

“If you look here you will see that you can turn any criminal organization into a political one simply by legalizing every crime it’s going to commit”

“It should never be a crime to make known the crimes of a State”

– Head of Swedish Supreme Court”

That statement is partially poignant for Barack Obama, he’s ignorant of  the difference between State security and freedom of  speech.  It seems in the land of the free you can talk freely until people start to listen.

“You cannot separate Peace from Freedom because no man can be at Peace unless he has Freedom”

– Malcolm X

Read this article on the – Syria or Iran would destroy American economy, dispelling ideas of war and financial growth.  There is also some interesting reading on Time to Redefine Treason by Gordon Duff that looks at the activities of politics, war and business and the dark links between them.  Learn more about your chakras, the power of meditation and the health benefits they can bring.

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquestionable faith in their mission can alter the course of history”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Love and blessings