A Secret History Of Money Power

“Wisdom is knowing how little you know” Socrates.

Usury, is a modern form of Slavery. Banks creating money they don’t have, charging interest on the non-existent money to the lender. By the way, the interest doesn’t exist either.Fiat Banking is Financial Terrorism.

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Are We Witnessing The Weirdest Moment In Economic History.

“Its not where you go, its who you meet along the way” Wizard of Oz

Much going on. As the writer Brandon Smith states “Most people tend to be oblivious to massive sea changes in geopolitics and economics” We have a difference of opinion at RH. In our experience ‘Telling people the truth today is meaningless, as they don’t want their illusions destroyed’

Forthcoming events will no doubt, shake most folks from their complacency.

Comments at the foot of Brandon Smiths article, well worth your time.

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Financial Terrorist; Their Modus Operandi


“Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin” Josiah Stamp, Governor Bank of England.

Bankers are able to operate with impunity simply by controlling a Nations money supply. Politicians of whichever political persuasion are generally uneducated as to how the Money System functions, therefore rendering themselves impotent, to Change the Flow of Money and to Whom it Ultimately Benefits.

This article gives a brief explanation as to how Bankers insulate themselves so as to be impervious from the Financial Regulators and the Law. In Truth, Bankers draft the Financial and regulatory Laws of the Land.


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Every Single Bloody Market Is Manipulated… See For Yourself

Should one be surprised by this report from washingtonsblog.com into the modus operandi of the Globalist Bankers (Financial Terrorists)


In control of the world’s ‘Purse Strings’ Bankers, select presidents, prime ministers and politicians of political parties. Bankers retain holdings such as assets, shares, bonds, currencies, commodities, food and precious metals in the Global Corporations of Business and Commerce.

To change this domination of our world is going to require a huge shift in awareness as to who really governs us.

As enough people finally decide they have ‘Had Enough’ so we can begin to take back for our world (its resources) for the almost seven billion of us, that which several million people, dictate and own at present.

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