Ronald Bernard, Former Elite Banker In Part 1 “Revelations Of An Insider” [video]

“Everything is seen and all is known, all will be revealed and everything and everything shown” RH

This is the First video from Ronald Bernard of a Four part series. We also posted this First episode in April of this year. The Fourth video was released a few days ago, hence we thought it expedient to repost the First video and sequentially the next Three, so here we go…………….

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This is an important glimpse into the world of the Illuminati control system on our planet. If you missed the first three parts, they’re highly recommended.

This is one way the common man may find cause to believe all the “conspiracy theories” about what has transpired on Earth, and why we are experiencing the drama we are just now. Everything hidden is being revealed.

Thanks for the heads up, Richard. ~ BP

Happy Days.

Globalist Banking: The Crimes And The New Libor Regulator

A new body has been appointed to administer Libor – the London Interbank Offered Rate.  A subsidiary of the Intercontinental exchange group (ICE), a global network of exchange and clearing houses,  it has been appointed to ensure Libor cannot be rigged by the banks again.  The Financial Conduct Authority has authorised the ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) to do the job from starting from February.

Libor is the rate at which London banks lend short – term money to each other.  Whilst we hope for an improvement we’re worried we  about to go straight into the next rigged market.

On the topic of Libor, have published this: Top German Regulator : Precious Metal Currency manipulation are worse than Libor.  And so we go from one Crime to the next,the Globalist Bankers as illustrated time and time again, are incapable of operating in a free and open market.  The Globalist Bankers manipulate, contrive and practice their fraud with impunity on, in and through worlds financial markets.  When their crimes are exposed they know the game is also rigged in their favour with the regulatory authorities.

On some occasions however events do not quite turn out as planned.  Read this over on – Barclay’s wins order to put $488M fine on hold.  Although even then as the headline suggests there appear to be ways and means to avoid paying.  Robin Hood understands Barclays would like to crawl back to New York where their partners in crime operate – the Judiciary, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)  and the political establishment state and federal.  Here Barclays can “peddle their wears” knowing full well the outcome will be favourable in the “den of thieves”.

HSBC has suspended two exchange traders as an investigation into the possible rigging of global currency dealing deepens.  The bank said late last year that it was one of a number of leading “finance houses” (banker talk for banks RH) being scutinised by international regulators.  Others being investigated include Citi Group, JP Morgan Barclays, UPS and Deutsche Bank ( the usual suspects).  City Group were also said on Friday to have suspended currency traders.

So what you may say how does all this impact on us the citizens of the world?  We will list a few examples everyone on the planet:

  • The Price you pay for your food
  • Mortgages and rent
  • Energy – gas, electric and fuel
  • Credit cards, credit card payments, leasing and buying

Everything is seen and all is known.  All will be revealed and everything shown.

Love and Light as always,

Michael McCartney