How The Elite Dominate The World-Part 2: 99.9% Of The Global Population Lives In A Country With A Central Bank

“The truth when finally chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears”

Hunter S. Thompson.

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We have mentioned the subject of Central Banking on numerous occasions, suffice to say Central Banks were created to facilitate the Enslavement of said Nations through Debt. The Book “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” by G. Edward Griffin should be available in schools for every pupil above the age of Eleven and mandatory study for all Students.

The correlation between the header of this Second article, in this 5 part essay by Michael Snyder and the 99% servitude to the 1% is No Coincidence.

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How The Elites Dominate The World-Part 1: Debt As A Tool Of Enslavement

“Self worth is often tied to money (or more commonly, the lack of money)

In this First, of a 5 Part essay, Michael Snyder writes concerning the impact Global Debt has on certain sections of the community and the consequences for the borrowers, which he quantifies in monetary terms.

However the effect of Global Debt Serfdom on a Nations Population regarding their Health, Wellbeing and Social Fabric, is incalculable in £s, Shillings and Pence, or in this example $s.

Simply put, Debt is used a Toll of Financial Terrorism.

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Something Big Is Afoot In Shanghai, The Chinese Have Changed The Game Suddenly

“When what is true comes, what is false must pass away”

Will this be the straw that breaks the camels back? the financial catalyst? the end of the Petrodollar. In the voodoo world of global finance, where contrived markets are a way of life, who really knows. The one financial implication the people will finally get, is when the ATM’s close.

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United Kingdom Of Felony And Corruption

“Greed in the end fails, even the greedy”

Cathryn Louis.

The City of London, forms part of the Axis of Evil, with Vatican City and Washington DC forming the triangle.

Can recall many years ago an  interview with a trader on the London Stock Exchange.

The reporter asked the trader “How much money is invested here?” to which he replied “There’s so much money here, you could never count it”

Amazing how the people are continually duped into austerity.

Austerity, no money for Public Expenditure.

On the morning of the BREXIT result the governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney made available to Private Bankers, £ of British Taxpayers Money.


Just thinking aloud. What will it take for British Taxpayer ‘Wake UP’

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