Something Big Is Afoot In Shanghai, The Chinese Have Changed The Game Suddenly

“When what is true comes, what is false must pass away”

Will this be the straw that breaks the camels back? the financial catalyst? the end of the Petrodollar. In the voodoo world of global finance, where contrived markets are a way of life, who really knows. The one financial implication the people will finally get, is when the ATM’s close.

Happy Days.


United Kingdom Of Felony And Corruption

“Greed in the end fails, even the greedy”

Cathryn Louis.

The City of London, forms part of the Axis of Evil, with Vatican City and Washington DC forming the triangle.

Can recall many years ago an  interview with a trader on the London Stock Exchange.

The reporter asked the trader “How much money is invested here?” to which he replied “There’s so much money here, you could never count it”

Amazing how the people are continually duped into austerity.

Austerity, no money for Public Expenditure.

On the morning of the BREXIT result the governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney made available to Private Bankers, £ of British Taxpayers Money.


Just thinking aloud. What will it take for British Taxpayer ‘Wake UP’

Happy Days.

NWO Is Upon Us: Forget The ‘Conspiracy’

With the impending collapse of the Global Financial System signalling ‘Check Mate’ for the US Dollar this may just galvanize the people of America into takeing their country back from the Federal Reserve.

The financial collapse will occur with precision timing, as finely tuned, as a Formula 1 Car. Profit’s by the ‘Globalist Bankers’ will be maximised, assuring that Government i.e taxpayers, as in all previous economic collapses pick up the liabilities.

Global Governance, Currency and Religion is the intent, with all roads leading to Rome.

As the ‘Financial Terrorists’ go about their business the current focus of attention is directed to the Muslim, where will you’re thoughts and aspirations be in the coming New Year 2016

Can people in sufficient numbers, who choose to remain Free, unite and stop the manifestation of a totalitarian state? time will tell.

rothchild-bankerHappy Days.

Jim Rogers – Sell Everything And Run For Your Lives

You pay your money and you make your choice. Three LINKS below on the impending Global Financial Crash. We remember Jim Rogers stating several years ago that in time it will be the “Farmers driving the Ferrari’s” a metaphor, for the impending Wall Street Crash.

LINK below, we have Warren Buffet converting his stocks to Cash. Being an Ex Partner of Jim Rogers the two are obviously singing from the same hymn sheet. Wonder what info they have privy to regarding the Global Crash ? Of course the Worlds Central Banks will choose the moment of the next Financial Crash very carefully, for they are fully cognizant to the fact that that this time around the deck has been reshuffled and the people hold the Winning Hand. Despite the impression , the global population have won the Money game.  None of the Globalist Bankers posses any more ” Get out of Jail Free Cards ” they’ve used them all up. Many of the Worlds Leading Economies are in fact Bankrupt, along with their Financial Institutions. By the way, were not only stating Financially here, were stating Morally Bankrupt as well.

aa-global-financial-collapseImage by…

Interest Rates average less than 1% Globally. Bankers and their subsidiaries here in the UK are lending money from 2% to 5.000% and more.

Seems excessive when you contemplate the Bankers get their money via the UK Taxpayers/ Government at 1/2%.

The citizens of the UK will never again sanction a Bank Bale Out, no Government of any political persuasion could present that mandate to the people. The only alternative is a Bank Bail In. This is where the depositors and the investors would be forced into Re – Capitalizing the Banks. Is this feasible ?  realistic ? who knows. The Times they are a Changing.

Here we have the Fed waiting for the Bubble to Burst.

Whats the old adage ? ” You can fool all of the investors some of the time, you can fool some of the investors all of the time. However you cannot fool all of the investors all of the time.

In times gone by Banks would Finance Economies. Today Economies Finance Banks.

Bankers have held Nations and Economies to ransom the last two decades, with there ” Too Big To Fail ” Blackmail. Financial Terrorism, the term abbreviated to Bankers has finally been exposed.

bankers-tableImage by……

We believe at RH, that the onset of the Global Financial Crash will finally end Debt Serfdom, and what would seems to be a catastrophic situation,  will herald the beginning of a benevolent time for Humanity.

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney