Anti-Austerity Protests In The UK, And Germany

Who says things are not changing? Here are two reports not covered by the media whores in Britain. Still believe there’s no grand conspiracy to keep you all in the mushroom sheds?  By paying your BBC Tax of £144.50 a year, you are consenting to the manure being heaped upon you and are complicit in the BBCs paradigm.

The corporate news medias agenda worldwide.

Report the Lie.

Isolate the Truth.

Here s a photograph  of Britain’s finest over seeing a protest.  Their realisation will come when all the protestors are in prison, for terrorist offences.  Demonstrations are banned, and no one to march for them when they lose their livelihoods to G4S.  Only the Guardian Newspaper as far as we are aware managed to report on the antI-austerity protest in London.

The Tap talks about the world’s central banks andhow they control the world.  The truth in the UK is hidden in plain sight.  Money and its creation are absent from any school curriculum.  Universities teach economics, sadly not the economics of reality. The Bank of England (BOE) by its  very name implies a  British Bank,  in place to serve the British people and the British economy. In fact we have  insidious tyranny, disguised as the BOE, a financial tyranny that robs you of your self-esteem, identity, health, security and welfare. When the deck is finally stacked,  let’s hope those who have prophesied the economic collapse and are aware of the conspiracy are in sufficient numbers to assist and guide those who will still be in denial.

 “Truth is like the Sun, you can shut it out for a time but it aint goin away!

Elvis Presley

Makes you go cold

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else”

Fred Rogers.

I truly believe that it’s an energy of Empathy that will eventually free us.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney


Goldman-Sachs: The Bank That Rules The Word

Just under 50 minutes in length this video gives a slight insight into the behaviour of the bank and its operations.  However it’s worth a view.  These huge Globalist Bankers are the acceptable face  of world governance, as perceived by the World Rulers.  As the reporter states “governments come and go, but Goldman Sachs goes on and on”.  There’s a clue in that statement.  He confirms that by voting in national elections your efforts are  a waste.

This link from RT discusses the “cult of Mark Carney”, governor of the BOE and you guessed ex Goldman Sachs.  Nothing new here then.

Goldman Sachs, along with several other Globalist Bankers, HSBC, Barclay’s, Citigroup, J P Morgan  etc took total world domination in 1997 when they were granted the pinnacle of their desires, the abolition of  the Glass-Steagall Act.  This one sole procurement enabled them to consume  any politician, company or nation before them.  Blackmail was and is the name of the game as true today as in 1997.

Yes I know this is history, August. 2013,  our intention is  to take you to where we believe the end game is headed.  Also to initiate how the  Truth is hidden in plain sight. Goldman Sachs is connected to Warren Buffet, who is chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffet is a friend of Jacob Rothschild and Evelyn De Rothschild,  Goldman Sachs is connected to Benjamin De Rothschild, and  Edmond De Rothschild.  The concentration of wealth is being channeled to the “super rich” can only be at the expense of the poor.

 ” It’s not enough for you to succeed, others have to fail”

Goldman Sachs  This is the end game then.  A total subservient humanity, enslaved to serve the elites. A prison planet.

This is the breakaway civilization that has been planned for humanity over thousands of years.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney

How Bankers Own The World – Central Banks

This is the latest tirade from Mark Carney, pontificating about the bankers who own his company.  Semantics from a man who dances one tune for public consumption, but in reality he’s obeying his  master’s edict.  Now we can’t say with 100% certainty who owns the Bank of England (BOE), but what we can ascertain is the BOE is a private company, owned by share holders.  The BOE is run for profit, just like any other publicly quoted company, however here the comparison ends.  The BOE is there to make money for its shareholders, and the BOE acquires these profits from the British Taxpayer,via the British Government.  It’s there for all to see, however its hidden in plain sight.  You will not find any of the media whores from the TV broadcasters asking any representative from the BOE who owns the Bank they work for.  The forces behind the public face of British Government own the corporate news media, so this question would never arise, not in the printed press either.

The BOE is listed as Bank of ——– Little clue there yes.

Why is the BOE the only company in the UK that does not have to reveal its shareholders to public scrutiny ? The BOE lends money to the British government .The British government then repays the BOE ,plus interest.The money borrowed from the BOE ,plus interest is paid for by the british taxpayer. It was the BOE that introduced income tax.You see the BOE operates in much the same way as Barclay’s, HSBC, Lloyd’s etc.  However when private banks get into financial difficulty it is the taxpayer, through the government who “bails them out”.  So that enables the private banks to return to profit and carry on regardless of losses or profits still making money from the taxpayer.Its so simple ,but brilliant really.The debts of the banks are imposed on the taxpayer and the profits of the banks are rewarded to the bankers,who just happen to own the BOE,amongst others we understand.  Heads the banks win,tails you lose. As we’ve stated its so simple,people dont understand how banking and money works. To be fair though,the powers that were are not going to educate you to that fact in their  schools or university’s are they. You would much rather know about Henry VIII and wives wouldn’t you?

Now if like RH you are inquisitive and would like the truth ,you have to ask yourselves why this information is kept secret, and prohibited from discussion in the public domain. View Gerard Battens short video below, asking why the shareholders of the BOE are secret?

Let’s try to put the pieces of the jigsaw together.  The Federal Reserve Bank of America is a replica of the BOE.  Now the Federal Reserve is owned by (link below).

The post from is very informative, “the truth will empower you”.  Now as private banks own 100% of the shares in the Federal Reserve, it therefore equates that the American Government owns nothing.  You could therefore surmise that the private banks in the UK own the BOE.  Our suspicion is that two other major shareholders would be the Crown, and we know that one is N M Rothschild.  However don’t get the Crown confused with the British Government or the people of the UK.   The Crown is a totally separate entity from any UK institution.   More on the Crown in another post, one of the richest organisations in the world, yet begging the public to support the mercenaries it employs to conduct its foreign wars… anyway back to Rulers of the World.

One of the mantras from the media whores when people protest about intrusions into their privacy, CCTV, phone tapping etc is “well if you’ve nothing to hide why be concerned”.  Does that proviso then apply retrospectively to the shareholders of the BOE?

So we’ve established that the BOE  can print money at will, and sell it to the government for a price and a profit.  This is the modus operandi of all central banks. A comparison would be the Hydra, a beast that is possessed with many heads.  This exemplifies the pernicious function of Central Banking.  With limitless amounts of money at their disposal they are able to deploy that wealth to achieve and sustain  their World domination.  The teeth of the Hydra can be compared to the politicians that inhabit the darkness when the mouth of the beast is closed.  From Presidents to Prime Ministers to Religious leaders to Regulators Investigators and Administrators is  their breath of toxic pestilence contaminates all and sundry.

To kill the Hydra, you must cut off all its heads, which typify the individual banks.  Then you must burn the body, which is the central bank.  Then to stop the teeth from being harvested, they must be cast into the vat of acid,  for they represent the politicians, the banker’s lackeys.

Take heart, the awake are aware.



Love and blessings,

Michael McCartney


It’s Time To Take Back Our Central Banks: Stop Money Based On IOUs And Manipulation

The Guardian – The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it

This one article validates all that we at RH have emphasised and why RH  came in to being.

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system,for if they did, I believe there would be a Revolution before tomorrow morning.

– Henry Ford (Just to add the Federal Reserve of America was created by and is an exact copy of the Bank of England.) -Scandal: Bank Of England Encouraged Currency Manipulation By Banks

All the filibustering from the BoE  (Carney Faces Grilling as Currency Scandal Snares BOE) is just another lame attempt to pacify the masses and prolong the Mushroom Agenda (Keep them in the Dark,and feed them Bu—-it).

Only by taking all Central Banks into public ownership can the world even hope to save itself from the nightmare that many are already experiencing, and which is encroaching on  a daily basis to eventually consume and annihilate most of humanity.

The Daily Mail – How the vampire squid is controlling our lives: They helped cause the crash. Then profited from it. Now, from the Bank of England to the Fed, ex-Goldman Sachs chiefs are pulling the levers of power

We have spoken before regarding LIoyd Blankfeins God Complex at RH.  Make no mistake these psychopaths – Gates, Blair, Murdock, Obama, Netanyahu and the like do not reverberate on a love and light vibration. You allow this process this to continue at your peril.

Happy Days

Truths About Prostate Cancer and GMOs, Syria, The US Air Force Drug Run and UK Finances

Read about the claims on that prostrate cancer treatment is a bogus industry that harms more than it helps.

Now moving on to GMOs, here is a movie to look out for but be aware there has been some criticism summed up well here.

“Maybe it’s time we realized that the same company responsible for one of the deadliest chemical weapons in modern history is now in control of our food supply”

– Anthony Gucciardi, March Against Monsanto 2013

“Control oil and you control nations, control food and you control the people”

– Henry Kissinger

Press TV reported in August that Saudi Arabia (one of the Great Satans) had offered Russia economic incentives to end Syrian Support. No wonder Press TV were taken off the air by the UK authorities, you can’t have broadcasters reporting the truth in the UK especially when (The Great Satan) Saudi Arabia is exposed for the criminal zionist state that it is.

Again back in August reported that the US Air Force transported 24 Tons of Cocaine to Miami from Costa Rica.  What hypocrisy.

“We are renting our entire money supply from the Bank to the tune of £165M every day in interest on personal loans alone not including mortgages or interest on secondary loans such as Wonga, a total of £213B on all our debt every year. In many average household debt was £54,024”

– Martin Wolf, Financial Times 9 Nov 2010

Read the problem with positive money by Mike Robinson for UK  He really examines the debt based Money System designed to enslave us all.

Here’s  a quote from Mike Robinson:

“The Bank of England does not operate in the national interest, as implied by name. It is in fact a broker between government and private bankers who lend the nation its own national currency at interest; it does this by issuing guilt edged bonds.”

Who owns the Bank of England?

This is a fascinating insight into the freedom you think you have and how the global population is being “farmed” as we call it at Robin Hood.

Love and blessings


The Flow of Money in UK and Financial Outrages

Debt = Money

  • The Bank of England lends private banks money
  • The Bank of England tells the Treasury to print the money
  • The Treasury does not control the money
  • The Bank of England then lends the Treasury money plus interest, guaranteed by the UK taxpayers
  • 1% of the UK population own 40% of the wealth


  • There are 34,000 Children dying every day from preventable diseases.
  • 50% of the world’s population lives on lee than$ 2 a day
  • There are 4.000 Billionaires in India

One thing is clear, something is very wrong.  

Demonstrating does not work.

Marching does not work

Striking does not work

Rioting does not work

Peaceful non-compliance works, we know this to be the key at Robin Hood.

Mahatma Gandhi brought down the British Empire with peaceful non-compliance, peaceful non-compliance works.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who believe they are free”

– John Wolfgang Von Goethe, 1749-1832

“But we are free”, people say.

Love and blessings