It’s Time!!!

It’s time for the monks to leave the caves

It’s time for the mediators to mediate

It’s time for the weary to weave their magic

It’s time for the lost to find themselves

It’s time for the indoctrinated to get educated

It’s time for the living to live

It’s time for the poor to prosper

It’s time for the hurt to heal

It’s time for the rich to realise

It’s time for the warrior to weep

It’s time for the messenger to deliver

It’s time for the weak to walk

It’s time for the leaders to lead

It’s time for the strong to stand

It’s time for the awake to arise

It’s time for religion to die

It’s time to be who you are

It’s time to remember

It’s time for the magic

It’s time to tell the truth

It’s time

Michael J McCartney, RH

Happy Days


The Hidden Agenda, The Food Your Body Needs and The Rothchilds

The Hidden Agenda however is that vaccinations destroy your natural immune system, that’s what vaccinations are designed to do.  You are born with the most wonderful immune system in the Universe and from the moment you are born the money people (Big Pharma) set about destroying it, making you reliant on their drugs till your grave and in most cases hastening you on the way to that grave.

FACT: There are no independent studies carried out on vaccinations.

On the power of love, love is already bring an end to the Dark Ones

“You might not be interested in politics but politics is always interested in you”

– Greek Philosopher

“Our money is fake

Our debt is fake

Our 3 party system is fake

Our healthcare NHS is fake

Our food is fake

Most of the stuff we’ve been told is fake

Once you realize this

What you thought of as reality

Begins to look like

A cheep set on some ridiculous B movie”

You are literally programmed from birth, by what you read and watch in the media as were your parents before you.

There’s a great article about the 36 foods you need you should be putting in your body to help and cleanse it.  Buddha was asked “What have you gained from Meditation?” he replied “Nothing however I will tell you what I have lost, anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death”.

“Is truth the enemy?  Stop the War on Whistle blowers

“Let me F—k you up with some truth here, the further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it”

– David Icke

“The distance between your dreams and reality is called action” – The house of Rothschild – This is an excellent informative piece of truth, the Rothschilds are very close to forces running the world, they do the work of the Dark Ones.  Obama, Putin, Cameron (Prince John) and the vast majority of the worlds political, military and industrial leaders serve their masters the Rothschild’s and the rest of the Globalist Bankers, either directly or indirectly.  The daily gold price is fixed in London at N M Rothschild’s bank, read more on it here.

“Fear is what makes the banks power so acceptable”

– George Blunden, deputy governor Bank of England

“What lies behind us

What lies before us are

Tiny maters compared to

What lies inside us “

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love and blessings

The Futures Bright

We at Robin Hood are in the process of writing a book, to use an analogy, for this website –  a diary even; telling the truth today and the truths of yesterday.  The book which we are writing needs everyone’s help so that the book once filled can go on to volume two then three and so on.  We would like to create a library of the truth, of knowledge, of understanding, of information and of exploration.  This is when we rely on everyone’s input to help fill the library.

Robin Hood is for everyone, that’s how and why it came into being.  We believe that given the truth and information people are quite capable of making their own choices.  That is their inherent right as human beings, the first step is to realise we are in prison before you start to engage your mind in ways to escape.  Freedom is in our DNA.

Robin Hood exists to so that one day we may all be free.  On a daily basis people are realising that life has much, much more to offer them and their world.  This “awakening ” is happening in every country around the world. The forces of light are on the move. Mother, Father, God, the Universe, Sours Krishna, Mohamed, Buddha – whichever is your name we will not be governed by “time or place or circumstance”.

There are Wonders on their way, the Magic time is here don’t let the Globalist banking system, the government and  the corporate news media frighten you.  There is no fear here, only love.

“Politions are selected not elected”

– David Icke

Love and blessings