Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated Pilot Study: Early Vaccination Sees Exponential Increase In Chronic Disorders

We have previously stated here at RH on numerous occasions that the Vaccine Programme Perpetrated on Humanity is a Conspiracy against Mankind. Our Natural Immune System is being attacked by the Pharmaceutical Companies (Big Pharma) for Money (Profit)

That statement is FACT. There is ample Medical Evidence and Scientific Evidence if one chooses to do so, confirming Vaccines are detrimental to Well-being of People and Animals and the Vaccine Issue has now shifted to the Political Arena.

The first sentence in this article confirms our suspicions.

Peaceful, non compliance is changing our world.

Happy Days.



The Truth About Vaccines!!


In our opinion it’s no longer an issue concerning Evidence Submitted by Independent Doctors/Professors and Medical Professionals stating, Vaccines are Harmful and Dangerous. The information is all there for most independent thinkers to draw this conclusion. However there is a Political Will, to continue Vaccinating which needs a further investigation!!!

Why are Politicians, especially in Australia and America ‘Hell Bent’ on a Vaccine For All/Cure All Programme?

Is it a Conspiracy to advocate, Corporate Media with their Advertising, side with Big Pharma, who are owned by the Banks, which then insert Huge Pressure and Influence on Politicians to Vaccinate?

Here’s the First of a 7 Part Investigation.

Happy Days.

Vaccines/ Autism/MMR Cover Ups.

There are five links below, all revealing the vaccinations cover up. The message here is plain and clear, the CDC an extension of the American Government have covered up the undeniable link between MMR and vaccination. Those members of the planet, the more naive amongst us ask, why would these supposed  benevolent bodies seek to keep this information secret from its citizens and continue the harm to its people? The only person on the Planet who is able to look after your health is you. By reneging on your responsibilities you allow Big Pharma to shift you from your cradle to your grave as expediently as possible. We do not enter this world to experience a supplementary diet of prescription drugs, or vitamins for that matter.

AutismRiseThumbImage by…

When you do the research the answer is quite simple. For decades now the United States Government, certainly since the assassination of  President John F Kennedy has been subverted by private corporations. When corporations take over Government the process is known as Fascism. Coming back to the Vaccination/Autism epidemic in America, Government and its institutions are best served by their corporate paymasters, Banking, Big Pharma, Monsanto et cetera. Citizens are under the illusion Government is selected/elected to serve them and so the conspiracy is allowed to continue, after all if its not reported on TV, it cant be true,can it? An Authoritarian Plutocracy exists in America today, nothing less.

We will end this post with a short 9.31 minute Video…………

Still under the illusion your Government have your best interests at heart.

” Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him,better take a closer look at the American Indian”

Henry Ford.

Happy Days.

Michael J McCartney.