The Deep State’s Dramatic Emergence Is Proof US Elections Are Meaningless [video] Plus Update Trump Presidency [video]

Here’s the view of  Dr. Steve Piecznik concerning Trumps Presidency, to date. The video has been edited, most of Alex Jones is out to allow Dr. Steve Piecznik a say’ ha’ ha. Alex Jones reputation proceeds him, please don’t take that comment in any derisory nature.


Happy Days.


Congress Passes Bill In 15 Minutes To Revoke American’s Passports Without Due Process

Another piece of servitude legislature, to enhance the Crown of England/Vatican contrived ‘Declaration of Independence.


But wait,

Finally The Penny Drops.


We have Jean, once again championing the cause of True Freedom, as the deception is laid bare so the ‘Oath Keepers’ may hopefully seize the ‘Mantle’ that is currently borne by so many Criminal Organizations, purporting to be Civil Authorities.


The america of today is by any Independent Measure an Authoritarian Plutocracy and the biggest irony, it’s held in Power by the People, continuing to Vote Republican/Democrat.


Indifference and apathy will change nothing.

Happy Days.