They Commit The Worst Crimes In History. Do They Receive The Worst Punishments In History? No, Normally They Receive No Punishment At All. They’re Called Bankers


Politicians write the Laws of the Lands, at the behest of their Masters, Central Bankers, example, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, etcetera, along with their fraternity, Private Banks, such as Barclay’s, HSBC, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and so on. The names may be different, but in essence there is only One Bank on the Planet and that belongs to the Rothschild’s. This also includes the Alphabet Banks, IMF, World Bank, BIS, you get the point.

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. Politicians will not bite the hand that feeds them. Money, followed by Manipulation and  Blackmail (Decadence) are Three implements in the Bankers Tool Box to Control Society.


Solution to Global Chaos at present engulfing Our Planet; Restructure Central Banks.

Happy Days.



Syria: The Reality V The British Bollocks


America is obsessed with War, Syria being just one instance. Since Vietnam Americas predominance on the global stage, regarding Independent Sovereign Nations know no bounds. Take any War, including Financial, you won’t find two finer illustrations than Venezuela and Brazil. On lifting the ‘Rug From The Floor’ in any of these Nations currently experiencing ‘Conflicts’ one will discover Americas Hegemony in all its Glory.


The Labour Party’s MP John Woodcock proves a fine example as to why they currently represent no alternative to the present Conservative Government. Obviously this man has learned nothing concerning the futility of previous wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Who bestowed the virtues upon John Woodcock to dictate ‘Regime Change’ on any Country? For make no mistake America and her War Criminal Partner Britain along with the French, Israeli fraternity of Saudi Arabia and other Golf States are Hell Bent on removing Bashar al-Assad from Power.

Silhouette of US soldier with rifle against a sunset

Silhouette of US soldier with rifle against a sunset

Happy Days.