Spiritual Messages

The spirit world and it’s messages are an important guide in our journey towards truth.

“I” Is A Sacred Word – We Are The Arcturian Group [23/02/14]

Enjoy The Opening Window Of Opportunity – A Message From Cobra [22/02/14]

Kill Cancer – Energy Levels And Stress [19/02/14]

The Dragonfly Portal – Transformation – Breaking the illusions [18/02/14]

A Song For Our Time – Miracles Out Of Nowhere – Kansas [17/02/14]

The Love Frequency – Read What It Can Do To Things Across Our Existence [12/02/14]

Must See Video: Love’s Power Over Negative Frequencies, Love In It’s Truest Sense [10/02/14]

Nobody Gets Left Behind When Going Back To The One – We Are And Everything Is Energy [04/02/14]

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