Who We Are, Where We Are And Where Were Headed; Plus Comment From BP And Video Via ‘Yellow Rose For Texas’


“The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference”

At 343 pages it’s certainly informative to say the least. But hey, if you believe Humanity, that’s all of us have been imprisoned in the Planet Earth ‘Matrix’ reincarnating¬† for the last 26.000 years, what’s 5 or 6 hours of your time. You may even gain the knowledge to free yourselves.

Really enjoy the comments from BP the Lady is so dry (complement) As with all Nations each has its own sense of humour which is quite unique. By the way, been following Rose for some time now, would like to add also that Rose’s philosophy is similar to that of David Icke.


Happy Days.

The Removal Of The Veil~How The Event Will Change Everything Immediately

“Its not WHERE YOU GO, its WHO YOU MEET along the way” Wizard of Oz

Some years ago I asked Our Divine Creator ” How will the darkness which has infected Our Earth finally end?” I was shown this Vision.

Well, how much better can it Get?

Happy Days.


Benjamin Fulford Update For January 9, 2017

Things in ‘La La’ Land, or is it Reality on Planet Earth? Well sure is getting exciting. Who’s Dead, we mean really dead, as we know dead? Who’s still alive? Who knows any-more? Seems to be lots of Walkers out there at the moment.

Much information to Confuse and Defuse Certain Situations.

Once again courtesy of starshipearth we have a planet Update from Benjamin Fulford.

whydowehavewars1Looking like,

Happy Days.