The Creation Of The Rockefeller Pharma Industry

“One of the first duties of a physician is to educate the masses not to take medication” William Osler 1849-1919

Big Pharma today is a Colossal Money Making Industry, created to sustain illness through the perpetuation of ‘Weird Science’ enriching shareholders to the detriment of Patients.

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Conspiracy, we here you say, You Bet there is, a Conspiracy so vast and infectious that the vast majority of Health Practitioners and their Patients are Totally unaware of Big Pharmas narrative.

Big Pharma along with their Fraternity the Corporate Media (Which helps sustain the Corporate Media via , Advertising) have even managed to reverse the description of Medicine. Think about that, we have. Natural Medicine is described as Alternative Medicine. Scientific Medicine, predominantly Researched and Tested by the Supplier of the Drugs are prescribed by Health Professionals to Patients, both of whom, rarely questioning the validity, content and side effects of Prescription Medicines. This Laboratory Medicine is then Labelled Natural Medicine.

Now if that’s not a definition of perverse, were at a loss to know what is?

“Those who don’t know, don’t know that they don’t know”

Happy Days.



Chinese Villagers Left Baffled By Mysterious Disk-Shaped Cloud Hovering In The Sky

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”

When you see phenomena like this example, makes you question the narrative, Humanity is truly alone in the universe? Corporate Media Whores are quick to dismiss any evidence of Extra Terrestrials, a Prime Case are the Pyramids at Gaza, Egypt. Ufologists and the pubic alike are verified when reporting UFOs, with ready-made experts produced by the Corporate Media, to ridicule and debunk all UFO reports.

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“There are one hundred thousand million stars in our galaxy which is called the Milky Way. There are millions of galaxy’s in the universe. One such galaxy, Sombrero is 28.000.000 light years from Earth, has 800.000.000.000 Suns and is 50.000 light years across”

Happy Days.


Bombshell Science Paper Documents The Depopulation Chemical Spiked Into Immunisation Shots

“Is everything a conspiracy? no just the important stuff” Jeff Wells.

The Conspiracy against Humanity is on such a Vast Scale, insidious, egregious and pernicious folks have until now, refused to believe the evidence presented to them from the Truth Media (Conspiracy Theorists)

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Thank Goodness however that’s all changing. Perseverance of the Truth, then revealing the information to Folks has taken on an industrial scale.

Truth and Folks coming together, sharing that Truth will prove, ultimately to be the ‘Bad Guys’ Achilles Heel.

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Happy Days.