Benjamin Fulford Update For January 9, 2017

Things in ‘La La’ Land, or is it Reality on Planet Earth? Well sure is getting exciting. Who’s Dead, we mean really dead, as we know dead? Who’s still alive? Who knows any-more? Seems to be lots of Walkers out there at the moment.

Much information to Confuse and Defuse Certain Situations.

Once again courtesy of starshipearth we have a planet Update from Benjamin Fulford.

whydowehavewars1Looking like,

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January 3, 4, News Special On The Reality Of Ireland, Its Importance, Plus Much More. Part 1 And Part 2 Veronica Keen

“When what is true comes, what is false must pass away”


After you have digested the topics and contemplated the information contained here, any reality analyst would quickly conclude the Education one receives from State Teaching Establishments is total and utter Tripe.

There are Three articles listed here, comprising¬† several hours of reading material and video’s. concerning a reality check which is fast approaching the American Economy (video)

Ireland’s virtual annexation from the World, the Pharaohs, Catholic Church also features in this article, Americas enslavement by the British, which continued to the Present Day, including Three video’s “Adventures in Reality” and a host of fascinating subjects in-between.

Finally to the present, regarding the Present Day ‘Bad Guys’ plus a history video, concerning the myth that is the State of Israel and so much enthralling Intel.

As such comments have been kept to a minimum.

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What Is The True Agenda Of The Archon, Anunnaki And Global Cabal? What Are They Really Trying To Achieve Here On Earth And Why You Need To Know? By Bradley Loves

In this article Bradley Loves mentions Three essays in the first paragraph. The Great Con Of Man we featured in the Spring of 2016 and made for fascinating insight into the manipulation of the Human Species on Planet Earth. Have not read the other Two articles yet mentioned, however will do so in the near future and if The Great Con Of Man is anything to go by we are in for a literary and informative treat.

So over to Bradley Loves, courtesy of Jean at

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