The Crimes Of The Clinton Foundation, Plus America’s Deadliest Job; [video’s]


hillary-clinton-a-career-criminalThank Goodness America and the World was spared a Hillary Presidency, no one it would seem is safe in Her company. Let’s hope when President, Trump is able to honour his promise; That of exposing all the Clinton’s Criminal Machinations.

Plus much, much more.

Happy Days.

A Secret Has Been Uncovered: Cancer Is Not A Disease But Business

Please go to the Link below for further information concerning Cancer as well as the Link, in this article colour Green.



Reality Analysts, Doctors, Nurses, Investigative Journalists and Truth Seekers have been alerting People concerning the Cancer Industry for Decades. Unfortunately as with many scenarios in the present day one needs to follow the Money Trail to uncover the Truth.

For almost 100 years Big Pharma has been soliciting money from the Public to find Cancer Cures, when its a well  documented fact, Cures for Cancers exist today. However the Cancer Cures are all Natural Remedies and Ingredients. Big Pharma is seeking the ‘Magic Bullet’ as it were to Cure Cancer, that ‘Magic Bullet’ must consist of a synthetic/artificial  Cure enabling Big Pharma to Patent and Licence their Cure for Profit. They will fail.

Happy Days.


Ziollywood Slaves Donate $34.5 Million To The Biggest Terrorist Group On Earth

Money before Morality, fame, fortune, power, folks have sold themselves for much less. Our understanding ‘that which goes around, comes around.’ Those responsible for oppression and those condoning oppression in another life will experience oppression. Shame they don’t teach that in the education establishments.

Ask any reality analyst or free thinker concerning Terrorism and its origins and they will invariably mention Israel.

However as the Jews own the Corporate Media presented on TV Screens and in Newspapers these Facts are never brought to the wider public’s attention.


Israel, is an Apartheid/Terrorist State, parachuted into the Middle East by Britain and America to wreak Havoc on the World Stage to the furtherance of said Countries, via Oil, Armaments and Chaos on a Global Scale.

The Jews have no more rights to Palestine Lands than the Fijian’s.

The History of the Jewish People as presented today, is contrived nonsense, used to fit Anglo/American hegemony, which has existed for Centuries.


Also while were here, if you care to check the history, the Crown of England still holds total jurisdiction over America, despite how its presented.


On January 20, 2017 Israel’s Man, Donald Trump enters the White House. Be prepared for fireworks as the lead up to Easter 2017 plays out.

“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”


Happy Days.



Two Reports Confirm Difinitivly: ‘The Russians Are Not Coming!’

11247Yes it all plays out like an old movie.

The CIA (Criminals in Action) are masters in the clandestine overthrow of Governments that stray from American hegemony. The reports of Russian intervention in Americas Presidential Election is ‘Music to the Ears’ at it were for the Corporate Media Whores in Britain such as the BBC and Guardian.

Here John Bolton for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations a staunch Neocon question the validity of reports regarding Russian intervention. Weeks ago the ‘Media that Matters’ reported the the E-mail leaks originated on American Soil.

“Its not a conspiracy when its a proven fact”

Happy Days.


Satanic Paedophile Cabal’s Iron Grip Of Evil


pedofile-immageSex can be a Powerful Aid in a Tool Box for those who choose to wield the power to Manipulate/Blackmail certain people to do ones bidding. The more Heinous the Sex Act perpetrated on Innocent/Non Consensual individuals, especially Children by the person you seek to Control the more subservient that person, now a Criminal will become.

Sexual Acts, followed by a close second, Money are the Two Attributes the ‘Bad Guys’ deploy to ‘Rule The World’

The article from Preston James, at articulates the modus operandi of those whom ‘Rule The World’

“You must unlearn what you have been programmed to believe from birth. That software no longer serves you if you want to live where all Things Are Possible”

Jacqueline E. Purcell.

Happy Days.