The Creation Of The Rockefeller Pharma Industry

“One of the first duties of a physician is to educate the masses not to take medication” William Osler 1849-1919

Big Pharma today is a Colossal Money Making Industry, created to sustain illness through the perpetuation of ‘Weird Science’ enriching shareholders to the detriment of Patients.

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Conspiracy, we here you say, You Bet there is, a Conspiracy so vast and infectious that the vast majority of Health Practitioners and their Patients are Totally unaware of Big Pharmas narrative.

Big Pharma along with their Fraternity the Corporate Media (Which helps sustain the Corporate Media via , Advertising) have even managed to reverse the description of Medicine. Think about that, we have. Natural Medicine is described as Alternative Medicine. Scientific Medicine, predominantly Researched and Tested by the Supplier of the Drugs are prescribed by Health Professionals to Patients, both of whom, rarely questioning the validity, content and side effects of Prescription Medicines. This Laboratory Medicine is then Labelled Natural Medicine.

Now if that’s not a definition of perverse, were at a loss to know what is?

“Those who don’t know, don’t know that they don’t know”

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Truth: What The People Are Up Against

“Life is hard; it’s even harder if your stupid”

John Wayne.

Heard the other day, the Corporate Media Whores are trying to pin the Whitechapel Murders on President Trump, the Russians did 9/11 and BREXIT will force the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to relinquish their State Benefits and seek  gainful employment.

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The CAA And UK Pro-Zionist Groups Were Set Up To Criminalise Criticism Of Israel [video]

Anti-Semitism is a word made up by the Zionists (example) to protect themselves from criticism as they merrily plunder the Wealth of this Planet and its Peoples, unhindered. No Evil is to large, egregious or beyond their comprehension to initiate and facilitate Total Domination of the World.

Example: During the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) subterfuge Bankers  substituted the Word Fraud for the Word Misselling.

“World Zionism can best be described as the Worlds Largest Organised Crime Syndicate. They appear to be Soulless Parasites upon the Human Race. They are empowered by the Zionist City of London Private Central Banksters who Specialise in Babylonian Money-Magick and making Money from Nothing (Debt Bases Notes presented as Money) and Pernicious usury. They are generally recognised by numerous Intel Insiders to be Parasites on the World, War Profiteers and Mass Murderers behind every Major War as well as the Hidden-Hand behind most Drug Trafficking, Pornography, Sex Trafficking, Slave Labour, Massive Banking Mortgage Fraud and other Financial Frauds and Scams. Using Their Imaginary Debt Based Pretend Money they have Bought and Own almost every US Congressman,most Supreme Court Judges ans almost every Federal Judge”

Preston James

To conclude, Zionism Governs the World. Conspiracy you may say. Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance. To Educate Yourself and others simply by the Book, The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, Your view and understanding of this World will never be the same.

Happy Days.

May 13, 2017, News Updates And Its All A WOW!!!


Update on the Criminals, Hell Bent on destroying America Within.

Lots of Info and Intel here, so without further ado over to Jean Haines at ..  One of the many ‘Beacons of Light’ in the TRUTH MOVEMENT.

Peaceful, non compliance is changing our world.

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The Ever-Growing List Of Admitted False Flag Attacks

“Is everything a conspiracy? no just the important stuff… Jeff Wells.

The Crowning Glory has yet to be added. The list is self-explanatory, exposing the subterfuge of Governments and their Agencies, plus the depths they are willing to descend to manipulate and achieve their objectives. Truly the adage applies here………..

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