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“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.”
― Gautama Buddha

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Inner peace is something we are all entitled to, but all feel at some time or another we have had to fight against the world to achieve.  The first part of the problem is allowing the world to control and influence us right to our core.

The journey towards inner peace starts with a choice, the choice to accept and use our own power over our lives.  This is important because it sets the intention and the goal  It gives us something to visualise and aim for in our lives – in every aspect of our lives.  Once we have made this choice the next step is potentially harder, but no less vital.

Trust.  If we spend our lives doubting our abilities or decisions they will always be lacking.  Beyond this though any inner peace you might have will be overwhelmed by doubt and insecurity.  We all have the tools we need to tackle any life situation, all it takes is a little trust from ourselves.  Judgements, both our own and others, can also block inner peace.  Whether they’ve come from us or from someone else it is us who gives them permission to affect us.  When anyone judges anyone they only judge based on their own life, they have no idea about anything else – making their judgements useless, and only as powerful as you decide you want to make them.

Past experiences can haunt us, disrupting efforts for a more peaceful existence.  Nullifying the negativity and pain is essential and the answers to this lie like many great truths in the ancient world.  One answer was developed by Socrates and the Ancient Greek Stoics in particular.  Self-questioning, observing and asking why:

  • Why does that make me feel like that?
  • What triggers this feeling?
  • What does this feeling do to me?
  • Why am I letting this happen?

As we question ourselves we begin to understand what we’ve been doing to ourselves, and to break the circle of negative thoughts once and for all.  Taking the experience as a lesson and being grateful for what it has taught you renders the experience less and less powerful until the memory is just another memory.  Mindfulness, developed by Eastern cultures, especially by Buddhism, is another vital tool.  Doing things mindfully, giving yourself fully and only to the awareness of the task you are doing, gives you space away from pain and negativity.  It gives you space but also time to reflect impartially on it as thoughts and realisations float freely through your cleared mind.

As I have said previously gratitude is also an exceptional way to deal with negativity, letting us learn and grow – embracing all things with positivity.  As we embrace our power over ourselves and remove the stumbling blocks we learn how to stop falling but bound high into inner peace and a life lived at our full capacity.

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

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Feelings Buried Alive Never Die – The Minding The Soul Weekly

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Joy, peace, love and happiness are available to us all and are our true gifts.

In today’s world however its seems that people from all walks of life face incredible challenges and pain. As a consequence they are constantly searching for relief or knowledge to assist them in how they deal with and move through these challenges and pain.

I remember having challenges in my life, and looking for and embracing various tools and techniques to assist me on my journey. The difference now is that I work on myself all the time and never allow feelings, emotions, hurts, pain to get buried alive.

I realised that in order to begin my own healing process I had to take ownership for my thoughts beliefs and feelings.  To become aware of them.  To accept them.  To be non-judgmental.  To learn to love myself.  To feel and release the pain. When I did this true peace, joy, love, contentment and serenity were mine; an internal bliss and understanding that is not possible to put into words.

You too can experience this.  When you do you won’t need anyone to tell you, you’ll just know.

Do you feel like this?

  • Frustrated
  • Emotionally up and down
  • Prone to outbursts
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feelings of isolation

Do you find?

  • Simple tasks getting harder
  • Yourself living on auto pilot
  • That you are sleeplessness, stressed or anxious

I suggest that you may be suffering from unresolved negative feelings you thought you had taken care of, feelings you thought were dead and gone. What you may not realise is that when negative feelings  are not resolved as they occur they stay very much alive in your physical energy field in your body and these feelings affect each day of your life until they are.

So you see, unresolved negative feeling buried alive never die and are constantly affecting you. At some point these feelings that have been buried alive will have to manifest themselves . They will simmer away and will trigger at times when we least expect it and will manifest as dis-ease of the body and mind.

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

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Acceptance: Our Internal Spirit Level To Build From – The Minding The Soul Weekly

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“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?”
― Rumi

Acceptance is the act of taking an idea or reality on board fully and wholly.  Sometimes this can also mean dropping the resistance and barriers we have built against it.  Acceptance is the tool we all possess which enables us to look at our selves and the world and to interpret it as it really is.

This is important because if you can’t see or accept the true reality of a situation how can you ever change it?  So, we can see acceptance as the great leveler – our own internal spirit level.  Once we accept something we have a starting point.  All you need is a starting point; from here you build and grow.  This growth can if we choose to develop and direct it take us to all our goals, empowering us through clarity of vision.

Acceptance, Power of Acceptance, Minding the Soul, Susan Cox

Acceptance has further applications in our lives however.  Not only does it gives us that starting point, eyes wide open, but it also lets us diffuse the things within us that can hold us back from many things in our lives.  Through the denial of events or emotions we enter into a battle with ourselves.  Like all wars this can drain us and limit the amount of energy and space we have for growing and enjoying life.  Every time we deny something we know to be true, even at some deep level, we feed it.  The more we feed it the bigger these self made monsters become the more we must deny them.

It’s a viscous circle.  Acceptance though robs these monsters of their power and removes duality from our existence, we cannot truly live in a state of duality.  Once we accept events or emotions for what they are we can begin to grow and develop and simply enjoy life.  Sometimes it’s not easy though.  It does take an amount of bravery and determination to overcome the fears attached to our denials.

Once you’ve done it though you will feel like you’ve been let out of jail.  We can apply acceptance to all of our lives whether it’s accepting the power over our own lives and changing what we don’t like or accepting the reality of a problem, emotion or event.

Empower yourself!

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

Acceptance, Power of Acceptance, Minding the Soul, Susan Cox

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The Mindfulness Challenge – The Minding The Soul Weekly

Here is the first official post from our newest feature writer Susan Cox of Minding the Soul!  Susan is a practitioner of meditation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and soul plan based in Kent, UK.

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Hello and welcome to my first post for Robin Hood!

Thank you all for reading, for my first post I want to share you with a series I did sometime ago on mindfulness.  Mindfulness is an amazing way each and every one of us can create a space in our days.  Mindfulness is a way we can gain peace and perspective on issues that affect us.  The best thing about mindfulness is that it can be applied to anything.

I invite you to take part in the five part challenge and see the benefits mindfulness can bring to your life.  The key to them all is to do them slowly and to be in the moment and not anywhere else mentally.

Mindfulness, Mindful Hearing

Minding the Soul – Mindfulness Challenge Day 1

Get comfortable and bring your attention to your breath.  Allow thoughts and emotions to happen in your mind without engaging with them.  After a minute bring your attention to your hearing and let the sounds come to you without effort or strain.

Mindfulness, Mindful Dish Washing

Minding the Soul – Mindfulness Challenge Day 2

When you mindfully wash the dishes become only in the present moment.  Feel the temperature of the water, the sounds that are made and any other sensation that occurs.  Allow your mind to be clear and free of thoughts.  Use the time to find peace, awareness and perspective on the day.  Any thoughts or insights that are important will stay with you.

Mindfulness, Mindful Tea Making

Minding the Soul – Mindfulness Challenge Day 3

This example involves tea but please feel free to apply it your beverage of choice.  Boil the kettle and clear your mind.  Prepare the mug and make the tea, paying attention the feeling of the water against the spoon and the movement of your hand.  While doing this let thoughts and emotions rise in your mind but don’t interact with them.  Take your time with the process, maximizing the break and time to be aware of yourself and your thoughts.

Mindfulness, Mindful Teeth Brushing

Minding the Soul – Mindfulness Challenge Day 4

To brush your teeth Mindfully take a deep breath before the practice and clear your mind.  Once you have done this brush your teeth slowly.  Take your time and be aware of the sensations it creates in your mouth and it’s sounds.  Don’t engage with any thoughts that appear, just let them pass.

Mindfulness, Mindful Walking

Minding the Soul – Mindfulness Challenge Day 5

I hope these bring you help, and remember anything can be done slowly.  The key is to do it slowly and be in the moment.

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

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Introducing Susan Cox Our New Feature Writer – Medium, Spiritual Counsellor And Holistic Therapist

Tomorrow sees the first post from our new features writer Susan Cox.  Susan is a practitioner of meditation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and soul plan based in Kent, UK.  Susan works under the name Minding the Soul and will be sharing a weekly post with us on a variety of useful topics and life improving tools.  Here’s a taster of what is to come.

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Gratitude – One Of The Most Powerful Tools We Have

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
― Marcel Proust

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in our lives.  It has the power to eclipse negativity and to transform it.  It has the power to show us the beauty present in our own lives and to remind us to thank those who make our lives what they are.  What are you grateful for today?

Living a grateful life doesn’t require that you thank people profusely for every single thing they do, it’s a life of little but meaningful actions.  A quick thanks here and there to the people or even the forces that have helped you along your journey expresses your gratitude perfectly.   Two or three minutes of silent reflection in the morning or the evening also allows you to silently share gratitude and reflect on your day or life.  There is so much of our lives we can find gratitude in.

Gratitude, Power of Gratitude, Susan Cox, Minding the Soul, Kent, Rochester

People like to be appreciated and so the gratitude spreads, improving the days of everyone.  This reflection also allows you to celebrate the good in your day and embrace gratitude’s transformational power over negative events.

Family, friends and strangers – all of these can improve our days by giving us things to be grateful for and we can in turn improve theirs by sharing our gratitude with them.

Love and blessings,

Susan xx

Visit this post on Minding the Soul’s blog for an additional gratitude prayer.

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