Fear – The Thursday Freestyle

I’m tired of living in fear

Forget it

It’s time to invite him in

And pour him a beer

Sit him down a the table

And stare

Right into his face

Before spraying him with mace

Like I said I’m tired

And I have to admit

My actions invited him here

But it’s now time to get inspired

His eyes still wet and red

I’ll push him to the floor

Looming above him

I’ll tell him I’m not a slave

Not anymore

But like I said

He’s here for a reason

So I’ll give him what he’s owed

To leave the reason unsettled

Would be nothing short of self treason

I’ll pay may dues

Give him what he came for

And then like bouncers say with a wry smile

I’ll escort him out the door

David Horn

Tree + Train = Taxi + Talking – The Thursday Freestyle

People can be dicks

Isolated and insulated

Often other people

Don’t feature in their picks

But every now again

Everyone’s secret desire for human contact

Sneaks out before the conditioning can maintain

Helping, sharing and in fact

Just having a conversation

It’s beautiful for the soul and the brain

Take a cold Saturday night

A tree had fallen on the train line

Such was the wind’s might

Disappointed travelers  took on an annoyed tone

As for home they did pine

Words were spoken

People’s personal bubbles were broken

And suddenly five strangers

Were splitting a taxi those crafty travel arrangers

Questions and jokes

This lady and four blokes

Laughed all the way home

Not once resorting to Facebook

Or their phone

This wasn’t virtual, this talk was real

And you know, It was fun

All this interaction

And when this taxi was done

No one knew anyone’s name

Because it didn’t matter

Deep down we’re all the same

That tree on the line

Set up this chance meeting

It’s good to escape the techno chatter

And every now and again have a little natter

Even if the moments only fleeting

David Horn

Poem, Taxi, Strangers Talking, Leaving The Bubble

Always Pay Attention – The Thursday Freestyle

This is sadly a true story, but all’s well that ends well.  Thank you to the friends that got me out of this one!  I hope you enjoy! – David

Always pay attention

It’s one of those mantras

They often mention

And they’re right

So here’s a tale

About an attention fail

Camping was the plan

In the Anglesey hills

And it was the first time

I’d be enjoying those camping frills

To camp though you need gear

And no

I don’t just mean beer

So down the shop me and a friend

Waded through the mountain of equipment

So much stuff!

When all I wanted was a tent

Green bag after green bag came before our eyes

Tents, seats and sleeping bags – all out to bluff

Time passed but we did it

And off on a journey across the Menai straights

We all went

All speaking to anticipate

The good times we were going to have

Arriving we claimed our corner of field

With trees and fire wood

We set up camp as best as novices could

We all unfolded our tents

Mine looked kind of wrong though

Everyone else’s tents were an entirely different build

Closer inspection revealed it wasn’t a tent

It was a wind shield

A damn fine wind shield

But as far as keeping me warm and dry

I’d have been unfulfilled

If not for my mates

So what they say is right

Pay attention, read the label

Even if it just means a dry night’s sleep

It’ll make every situation a happier fable

David Horn

Are Google Buying The Future? – The Thursday Freestyle

The third installment of the Thursday Freestyle by David Horn!

The future’s out there, expanding into increasingly digital realms.  The digital and the real world are coming closer and closer together.  This is underlined by the latest fashions in wearable tech that link you to your technology further than ever before.  Technology is going to be a big part of our future, that’s a given.   And I have to ask, is it good that Google are buying that future?


Google have been busy little bees indeed.  They’ve become the world’s go to search engine.  They’ve mapped the world in pictures both aerially and one street at a time with Google Maps and Google Earth.  They’ve bought Android, the main software used on mobile phones that don’t run IOS.  They’ve entered the entertainment market with Google Play.  They’re developing their own wearable tech in forms such as Google Glasses.  They’ve even cashed in on the social media boom with Google+ and are now joining in on the Soviet Russian dream of a population giving all their information away freely, today branded as social media.  Just look back at your day and ask yourself how many Google products you have used.

From online tools like online advertising and blogging to essentials such as companies working in broadband access Google have been developing or buying many of the products that seem like they’ll dominate our future, they even own YouTube.  But they’ve been looking to the next generation as well, those crafty buggers.  They’ve bought the company developing home automation, Nest, and a raft of companies developing and building the various components of robotics.  With one of their latest acquisitions DeepMind they’re even developing artificial intelligence.

Google aren’t just buying the future, they’re trying to extend yours.  They’ve launched Calico, a company focusing on health, aging and the human condition.  Google are developing, buying and owning the future in ever increasing entirety and not even paying tax towards the present.  Could this become the scariest science fiction film you can’t turn off or are we headed for a beautiful and blissful future?

Comment your views!

Love and light,

David Horn

Scroll down for links.  The following short videos are from an episode of Dr Who just to give an visualisation of an extreme of what’s been talked about.

Companies Owned By Google

DeepMind – Google’s Artifical Intelligence

Google Glass – Google’s Wearable Tech

Calico -Google’s Research Into Aging And Death

Google Monopoly Reaches Disturbing New Low

Google’s History

Sweet Ride, Wrong Gear – The Thursday Freestyle

This is the first in the new weekly feature by poet and columnist David Horn!

A comet rocks up to the earth

Looks down and says to the eight billion

Guys, you have a sweet ride but

You’re driving it all wrong

So much green, so much water

But you’re letting the few take you to the slaughter

Have you seen what’s in your Earth?

That power, that grace, that potential

You’ve got the wrong gear though

You’re going in reverse

Keep going that way and you might as well

Paint it black like a funeral hearse

Change up that gear

Forget gradual, go straight to fifth

Look past and dispel the myths

Lead those leaders to justice

Not the kind a judge gives

But natural justice

No darkness can touch this

Open up your eyes and just … live

Anyway this comet’s got to roll

When I’m back next I hope you’re off parole

Don’t drive in the wrong gear

You’ll break the engine

And besides you’re driving your shiny new Jaguar

Like it was a beaten up old car

Who does that?

David Horn