Ex British Prime Minister Edward Heath Paedophile Crimes Covered Up By British Establishment [video]


“Since when has the truth been a conspiracy?”

Three essays from David Icke, the first explains how the Child Crimes committed Edward Heath, were known to the British Establishment for Sixty Years.


The Authoritarian Plutocracy Governing Britain would be foolish to acknowledge David Ickes revelations regarding the Establishment Paedophile Rings, as the adage states ‘Turkeys don’t Vote for Christmas’ By the way, the video in this article is a MUST. The disclosure concerning the nefarious British Establishment, it’s quite enlightening.

Finally were taken further down the rabbit hole, where Satan and Evil reside. The whole British Fiefdom needs burning to the ground, with those Complicit, along with those Responsible for these heinous acts against our Children spending the remainder of their natural lives, in jail.


Obviously Washington is far from the only Swamp that needs Draining.

” They must find it difficult; those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as authority”

Happy Days.



As Cash Disappears In Society, Your Freedoms Also Disappear In Said Society


“Until they become conscious they will never rebel, Until they have rebelled they cannot become conscious” George Orwell-Visionary

All considerations and options are brought to the table, where Terrorism and National Security are concerned. Folks are quite content to ‘Sleepwalk’ toward their own demise, having surrendered their powers one by one, if or when awakened, to find themselves powerless.

People in general are slaves to a system and the systems narrative they neither comprehend or willing to question. Once Skynet is eventually fully operational, their Children and Grandchildren may well ask today’s generation “Why did you sit idly by and let society construct a prison in your mind and Our World?” 

“In order to remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be”


Happy Days.

How Many British MPs Are Working For Israel? The British Governments Complicity With Israel’s Subterfuge And The Condonance Of An Israeli Spy Ring Operating In Britain

Three articles so comments short.


The First investigation from Al Jazeera reveals how Israeli hegemony has infested the Left and Right spectrum of British politics. The Mossad motto is self explanatory.


In the Second article we see how the British Government was fully cognizant of Israel’s duplicity, in fact, not warranting a summons of the Israeli ambassador.


Finally, we see how a Large Vipers Nest is allowed to congregate in Britain and when question that old chestnut ‘National Security’ (Any Means Justify the End) is wheeled out, by the British


Happy Days.

ISIS Jihad Funded By Europe’s Benefits System: By Design? Well What Do You Think? [video]

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true and the other refuse to believe what is true”

Soren Kierkegaard.

No the header is not a figment of our imagination; neither a conspiracy theory.

The Terrorist Attacks in Brussels And Paris Two examples.

Here we take you back to 2015 in Britain.

Fast forward, Germany present day.

Nowhere in the article referring to the German Asylum Scam does it mention money is then used to fund ISIS Terrorism. However if it swims on the water’s surface, quacks like a Duck and looks like a Duck then its fairly safe to assume it may be a Duck.

To cut to the chase: Across Europe we have Foreign Nationals, call them what you like (Asylum Seekers/Economic Immigrants/Refugees/Migrants/Skills Shortage Immigration/Child Migrants/Foreign Students receiving Money via European Taxpayers, with those responsible for distributing said Money, accountable to no one for all intents and purposes.

It would seem there is a concerted effort Amongst European Governments to Fund Terrorism through their Benefits System: Anyone convinced otherwise?

Footnote: We believe there is a covert plot by those who Control Europe, to destabilise, undermine and ultimately decimate the 28 Sovereign Nations, including Britain, through Mass Migration of People from all corners of the World. Europe’s Freedoms will disappear to protect us from this ‘Enemy Within’ and Europe’s Economies will Fail. By the way, the People entering Europe from far and wide, Millions, are used as mere Pawns in the Chess Game.

Conspiracy?; Take a look behind the false reality The State Media are presenting to you, through their FAKE TV News and FALSE Newspaper Reporting.

Time will reveal all.

Happy Days.