ISIS Jihad Funded By Europe’s Benefits System: By Design? Well What Do You Think? [video]

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true and the other refuse to believe what is true”

Soren Kierkegaard.

No the header is not a figment of our imagination; neither a conspiracy theory.

The Terrorist Attacks in Brussels And Paris Two examples.

Here we take you back to 2015 in Britain.

Fast forward, Germany present day.

Nowhere in the article referring to the German Asylum Scam does it mention money is then used to fund ISIS Terrorism. However if it swims on the water’s surface, quacks like a Duck and looks like a Duck then its fairly safe to assume it may be a Duck.

To cut to the chase: Across Europe we have Foreign Nationals, call them what you like (Asylum Seekers/Economic Immigrants/Refugees/Migrants/Skills Shortage Immigration/Child Migrants/Foreign Students receiving Money via European Taxpayers, with those responsible for distributing said Money, accountable to no one for all intents and purposes.

It would seem there is a concerted effort Amongst European Governments to Fund Terrorism through their Benefits System: Anyone convinced otherwise?

Footnote: We believe there is a covert plot by those who Control Europe, to destabilise, undermine and ultimately decimate the 28 Sovereign Nations, including Britain, through Mass Migration of People from all corners of the World. Europe’s Freedoms will disappear to protect us from this ‘Enemy Within’ and Europe’s Economies will Fail. By the way, the People entering Europe from far and wide, Millions, are used as mere Pawns in the Chess Game.

Conspiracy?; Take a look behind the false reality The State Media are presenting to you, through their FAKE TV News and FALSE Newspaper Reporting.

Time will reveal all.

Happy Days.


Assange: Forget Russia, The Real Threat To America Comes From Israel And The Israeli Lobby


AIPAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The Enemy Within America. 9/11 Revelations in 2017 will finally end this pervasive liaison between these two Nations. Israel will be left naked when the tide recedes, to coin a metaphor.


In Britain further censorship regarding criticism of Israel. Whichever semantics you choose, Israel in Britain will be beyond reproach.

“Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism”

Gerald Kaufman; Former British Member of Parliament for the Labour Party.

Happy Days.




How We Become Slaves Of The “System”


Misfortune for the 99%, State Indoctrination begins with our parents. Parents through Programmed Education naturally pass these concepts to their children. Few, in the past, have been willing to question the State Narrative which seeks to drive as well as engineer every thought process and action in order fit the States Matrix.

Here we see have followed the ‘Money Trail’ Unfortunate for today’s society it will inevitably lead you to the Truth.

Oh and just to add insult to injury how about this Scam, which is prevalent in Britain, however we have taken an American example. Pay to Play, in this case the narrative is Education.

Debt is the chain that binds us.

As they say “Keep voting and hope things will change”

“Peaceful non compliance, try it you’ll be amazed how easily it works” RH

Happy Days.