America: This Is How We Get Stuff Done!

“Is everything a conspiracy? no just the important stuff” Jeff Wells.


“Obedience is the connective tissue of oppression”

Our Daughter Traci who lives in California with her Family sent this e-mail regarding the subterfuge between Monsanto and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) The unedifying behaviour of theses two organizations if proven true, clearly qualify for a ‘No Get Out Of Jail Card’ in essence a prolonged Prison Term for both parties.

One example, taking this petition, is how we change the world for the better. So while your viewing TV, have a thought as to how, when engagement, what a wonderful contribution you could be making to end the worlds woes?

Please, please don’t believe your too busy ‘Being a Slave’

“Life is hard; it’s even harder if your stupid” John Wayne.

Peaceful, non compliance is changing our world, now.

Happy Days.


War Criminal Tony Blair On The Back-Foot Over BREXIT Reality

The gibberish of Blair personifies his time as Prime Minister. This excuse for a Human Being belongs in the Dock, at the Hague.

Tony Blair while Prime Minister and his Cronies further bastardised British Politics, which considering the Thatcher Years was no mean achievement.

The NEWS CARTEL presently operating Globally continue to give Blair an outlet for his pernicious intent, both, continuing to adopting the ‘Bad Guys’ (Deep State)


Peaceful, non compliance is changing our world.

Happy Days.