The Crimes Of The Clinton Foundation, Plus America’s Deadliest Job; [video’s]


hillary-clinton-a-career-criminalThank Goodness America and the World was spared a Hillary Presidency, no one it would seem is safe in Her company. Let’s hope when President, Trump is able to honour his promise; That of exposing all the Clinton’s Criminal Machinations.

Plus much, much more.

Happy Days.

January 3, 4, News Special On The Reality Of Ireland, Its Importance, Plus Much More. Part 1 And Part 2 Veronica Keen

“When what is true comes, what is false must pass away”


After you have digested the topics and contemplated the information contained here, any reality analyst would quickly conclude the Education one receives from State Teaching Establishments is total and utter Tripe.

There are Three articles listed here, comprising¬† several hours of reading material and video’s. concerning a reality check which is fast approaching the American Economy (video)

Ireland’s virtual annexation from the World, the Pharaohs, Catholic Church also features in this article, Americas enslavement by the British, which continued to the Present Day, including Three video’s “Adventures in Reality” and a host of fascinating subjects in-between.

Finally to the present, regarding the Present Day ‘Bad Guys’ plus a history video, concerning the myth that is the State of Israel and so much enthralling Intel.

As such comments have been kept to a minimum.

Happy Days.


‘CNN Is Not News’ Should Just Air Porn – Lionel [video]

“Cartoon News Network”

The Corporate Media Whores, example CNN are loosing what credibility they have left on an Hourly basis. The Washington Post along with the New York Times are nothing more than Comic Cuts ( Dandy & Beano). In Britain we are saddled with that bastion of Establishment Indoctrination the BBC ( Britain’s Paedophile Network)

However never underestimate the duplicitous British. The BBC along with their Governments Fraternity have actually managed to manipulate British Households into paying an Annual Levy of £145.50 for the Establishments Propaganda, in the form of a TV Licence Fee.

No honestly this isn’t ‘FAKE’ internet drivel, check out your Search Engine, type in ‘Britain’s TV Licence’ its real. Paying to view the Corporate Narrative, how dumb do you have to be?

Happy Days.