War Criminal Tony Blair On The Back-Foot Over BREXIT Reality

The gibberish of Blair personifies his time as Prime Minister. This excuse for a Human Being belongs in the Dock, at the Hague.

Tony Blair while Prime Minister and his Cronies further bastardised British Politics, which considering the Thatcher Years was no mean achievement.

The NEWS CARTEL presently operating Globally continue to give Blair an outlet for his pernicious intent, both, continuing to adopting the ‘Bad Guys’ (Deep State)


Peaceful, non compliance is changing our world.

Happy Days.

Why Do ISIS Videos All Come From Israeli Intelligence?

If we were afraid of the tag ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ one may consider Israel is the Hidden Hand of Terror in the Middle East. But that’s preposterous; Right?

However to follow the NEWS CARTEL pedalling its wares around the globe lets keep our heads down and agree that the State of Israel is the Bereaved Party here.  All is Sweetness and Light in the Land of the Chosen People: If Only.

Peaceful, non compliance is changing our world.

Boycott Israel and Close the Terrorist Organizations Down.

Happy Days.


The Map They Don’t Want You To See: Nations With The Most Refugees Have The Most Terror Attacks

“Life is hard; it’s harder if your stupid” John Wayne.

You don’t need to be a cartographer to read this map. Truth is this ordinance survey of the EU comes as no surprise to the informed people’s of Europe.

Disregard the first 39 minutes of the video. The semantics and subterfuge of the British Politicians is but ‘Paste and Wallpaper’ as all the Major Political Parties in Britain report to One Paymaster, Rothschild’s Bankers.

However, the British Mantra at present is ‘Austerity’ With a Crisis in NHS Funding (Backdoor-Privatisation) Cuts in Social Care, Schools etcetera, the National Debt is fast approaching £ 39 minutes into the video the Liberal Democrats (Liberal Yes-Democrats, On Their Terms) explain their policy toward Syrian Refugees where they state Britain…………………………………..

Footnote: Solution to Syrian Refugee Crisis; Stop Bombing Them.

Peaceful, non compliance is changing our world.

Happy Days.



Queen Lizzie In The News

“The truth when you chase it down, is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears” Hunter S. Thompson.

The caption above  is particularly poignant when it comes to the British, especially those residing in Britain.

Another article exposing the Queen comes curtsey of starshipearththebigpicture.com

Various estimates of the Crowns Worth range from £15 to £ Yes your reading the number correctly, Trillions, that’s an awful amount of serious money.

Some years ago a reporter questioned a traders on the London Stock Exchange ‘How much money is actually invested here on the exchange?’ The reply from the trader “There’s so much money here, you could never count it”

It’s acknowledged that Britain is the 6th richest nation in the world.

The amount of wealth in Britain is not only obscene, it’s pornographic.

With the NHS and Social Care experiencing a funding crisis, after 5 years of a Conservative/Liberal Coalition Government, plus 2 years of a Conservative Government. The nation is on course to elect the highest proportion of Millionaires to Parliament (MPs) in history, with another Conservative Government.

“We may have found a cure for most evils but we have found no remedy for the worst of them all…the apathy of human beings” Helen Keller.

Happy Days.