EU, The EU And British State Media Are Hiding [video’s]

“The secret to life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made” Groucho Marx

Last week a member of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) stood up in the British parliament to argue for open borders into Britain, i.e. the ‘Free Movement of People’ His premise was Immigrants enhance the culture in Britain and enrich the nation. Yes that is so. We have no argument with the Truth. Here however we see some Truth, the Corporate Media Whores continue to conceal from the people.

Footnote regarding the SNP, their motives to leave the UK are admirable, they wish not to be governed an Authoritarian Plutocrat which the UK has become. But then all rational goes out the window in wishing to remain part of another Authoritarian Plutocracy, the EU.

Happy Days.

De-constructing Britain From Within

However did the Nation descend from this?

To this?

Following on the heels of 23.000 UK Terrorist, dont let anyone, be they Politician or their lackeys in the State Media (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 or SKY) convince you that the dismantling of Britain is anything other than by design.

Take a reality check and see what you discover. Look behind the lies and semantics portrayed on your TV screens. No Government of any political persuasion and their army of public sector employees, (Police, Teachers, Local Councils etcetera)  could possibly be so inept and dysfunctional as not to grasp the reality and seriousness, concerning the breakdown of this British Sovereign Nation.

Happy Days.



Update July 27, 2017 Concerning Americas Continued Terrorism In Syria

“Everything is seen and all is know, all will be revealed and everything shown” RH

As less and less of the awakened cease to buy into American Hegemony, so America intensifies its Global Terrorism to speed up the Nations World Domination, before finally the American People awaken in force. Terrorist update.

Two articles on David Ickes’ headlines……the First concerning the slain journalist, Khaled Alkhateb reporting  the Axis of Evil (Usual Suspects) Britain/France/USA destroying another Sovereign Nation (video). This time it happens to be the turn of Syria.

Finally, more stage-managed bollocks from the Oscar Winners (video) themselves the White’Hell’mets.

Happy Days.

BREXIT! Forget The Bollocks Broadcast On State Media; EU, French Example Continues It’s Meltdown

Only those with access to the front line comprehend the reality in the EU. That includes the Brexiteers, and those who understand  European paradigm, be they Black, White, Green ,Stripped or Polka dot, in all Sovereign Nations. We all inhabit a world of individuality, yet we are one and the same. Politicians and the Corporate Media are living in denial. We Seek our Diversity and that includes the People of Britain. Our Freedoms to do as we please, not to experience the continuation of multiculturalism imposed upon Europe which has clearly been a failure for all concerned.

The EU concept is to erode the Sovereign Nation, it’s Peoples, Societies, Communities, Families and Individuals Identity. Conspiracy? Do the research, if only that were true !!

When you sum it all up, its much easier for folks to watch the TV than engage their brains.

Happy Days.