The U.S.A. (United Slaves Of America) And The British Slave Mentality

“Until they become conscious, they will never rebel and until they have rebelled, they cannot become conscious”

George Orwell – Visionary.


How the ‘SYSTEM WORKS’ Simple when you take the time to analyse the capitalist directive, prevalent in the aptly named ‘Free World’ The SYSTEM (Bad Guys) eventually accumulate the Wealth. Those who serve this Wealth, i.e the People (Slaves) are conditioned here in Britain, There’s Not Enough aka ‘Austerity’

Try telling that to the Private Banks whom last month, August 2016, received £ from the British Taxpayers at 1/4 % Interest: No Austerity there.

As you read in this article by Margaret Hodge, those with the Money Want All The Money.

“Those who do not believe employment is systematic slavery are either blind or employed”

Nassem Nicholas Taleb.

In America the People (Slaves) are sold the American Dream, trouble is you have to be asleep to believe it. Then just to reiterate the illusion we have “The land of the free and the home of the brave” Mantra. Try telling that to the One in Seven Americans currently receiving Food Stamps, ‘How Free They Are” Along with their fellow Workers (Slaves) in Britain, the American Workers (Slaves) are the ‘Gift That Keeps On giving’


“Ignorance is the single greatest tool of oppression and …, the greatest despondency is the greatest ignorance of oneself…, Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness. It’s hard to be free fools from the chains they revere”

Happy Days.

From Jarrow To Theresa May

As Britain heralds in a new Prime Minister, Theresa May July, 13. 2016 lets look back at some changes since October, 1936.

Lets begin will in 1936

Fast forward, 1945 the Nation along with its allies had defeated the Evil of the 3rd Reich.

Financial Terrorists (Bankers) had ‘Blown Up’ the Global Economy in 2008. Private Banks have been recapitalized by the Tax Payers. Business as usual for Bankers, making more money.

Meanwhile in 2014

You see the Socialism applied to the Private Bankers is withheld from 1.250.000 people.

Austerity is the ‘Mantra’ meaning “THERE IS NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU”

A Trader interviewed on the London Stock Exchange. He is asked ” How much money is invested here?” to which he replies “Do you know, there is so much money here you could never count it”

Austerity is ‘Catching On’

“More than 8.000.000 people in the UK struggle to put food on the table”

Lets see what one of Britain’s largest Banks was Up To? last year.

The guy who ran HSBC during the Tax Avoidance Debacle was actually appointed trade minister by the Coalition Government in 2010. You guessed it, another Lord (Mafioso)

Here we visit Theresa May and her husband Philip John May.




Listen carefully to the lyrics, as well as being profound, they are also quite haunting.

Oh before we leave, better check on how the Crown and the Royal Family are coping with the Austerity update September, 2015.

Happy Days.

HSBC Reportedly Got Top British Government Help To Hamper Money Laundering Probe – Reports


HSBC-Too-Big-To-Jail_11Clearly as this article from RT implies, not only is it applicable in Banking as to ‘What you know’ but also ‘Who you know’

These Financial Terrorist (Bankers) who commit Fraud (Miss-Selling) Market and Currency manipulation, see “Markets are all rigged” by John Crudele must be curtailed.

Banking in its present form clearly represent the greatest threat to the stability of Global Financial Markets and a Nations ability to govern itself, in this present day.

Bankers with their License to Print Money are able to captivate and entice Politicians, small change as it were, freely but firmly in their trousers pockets. Be it Osborne or Yellen, money recognises no borders.

The caption bellow illustrates another form of Financial Terrorism. The perpetrators here, Corporations: With their $10.000 an hour accountants, they are able to circumvent a Nations Tax Laws. Many Corporations Contributing nothing to a Nations economy their pernicious semantics hinder and plunder wherever they choose to set out their stool.

In times gone by, Banks and Large Companies would support Nations economies.

Today these Banks and Multi-National Corporations are supported by Nations Economies, receiving Tax-Payer Grants, Tax Avoidance, with economies of scale enabling them to Trade indigenous Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) out of business.  Remembering many of these Corporations employees are working Zero Contracts for a Minimum Wage.

get-attachment-204Happy Days.

‘Financial Terrorists’

Here in Brittain as globally, we experience this immoral, although legal practise by Apple and many thousands of other Corporate Terrorists. Perhaps the title of this post does the content an injustice:  Conceivably ‘Global Financial Terrorists’ may be appropriate.


Below is a short BBC video, an interview with Kevin White, De Vere Group, international financial consultants.

In the interview he suggests a “Tax on Company Turnover” as a way of circumventing Corporate Tax Avoidance.

A practise we have advocated over a number of years.

Happy Days.