4,444 Victims: Extent Of Abuse In Catholic Church In Australia And Why Churches Of All Religions Hold A Propensity For Little Boys.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” George Orwell.

BP observation, “Is it my imagination, or do the British press enjoy exposing the paedophile/sexual abuse in Australia”

Yes people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but all the while the attention is focused on ‘Foreign’ (regardless the British Crown Owns Australia) folks continue to be lead up the garden path, as it were. Take Savile for example. He was allowed to pedal his wares through 30 Plus Police Forces for over 50 Years. That he Procured Young Children for the Wealthy and Influential has never been mentioned in the Independent Inquiry (Laugh) into Child Sexual, chaired by Justice Lowell Goddard, announced in July 2014 by Theresa May, the then Home Secretary, which is now on its Forth Chairman.

With reference to the Church, a fascinating article from Bradley Loves.

Paedophilia in Britain today is an Industry, functioning at epidemic levels – Conspiracy. Ask the people of Rotherham.

“The trouble with conspiracy theories is they have a habit of becoming reality” Yvonne P. McCartney.

Happy Days.



5 Master Crimes You’ll Have To Explain To Future Generations For Not Stopping

“A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything”

Malcolm X


Click here to see if You Will have some explaining to do?

It’s a sad fact, but in this present climate people do not want to be told the ‘Truth’ People don’t want their illusions regarding reality shattered, the Truth somehow will go away, Lies are so much more palatable. People will envisage all manner of excuses as to why and how they are shielded from life’s realities, believing life will innocently pass them by and their families. Worse still, the harbinger of the Truth, they will consciously distance themselves from, decry, castigate and even resort to violence, to uphold their indifference.

” They must find it difficult… those who have taken authority as Truth, rather than Truth as authority”

Gerald Massey-Egyptologist.

Happy Days.