Broken Britain; On A Day When Over 300.000 People Are Reported Homeless, Government Minister Seeks Money From UK Taxpayers To Fund Israeli Occupation Army

The British Charity Shelter, used official government and FoI data to estimate 307,000 people sleeping rough or living in inadequate housing

In the Prime Ministers First speech, she promises the British People, Social Justice and to “Govern For All” One would be forgiven for believing her speech was dictated¬† by the Apple Corporation, Alphabet, Google Holding Company and HMRC.

The Second part of the header concerns Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development discussing British Aid Money for the Israeli Army.

As the Plot to Fund the Israeli Army begins to see the daylight, we need to reflect on the increased Military Aid America has made available to Israel

“Oh what a tangled web when first we practise to deceive.”

Walter Scott.

Once the deceit and ambiguity concerning Israel and the British Minister has been discovered so the participants in the this particular machination, begin the innuendo. 

Happy Days.

The Balfour Declaration Set In Motion The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine [5 short, video’s] And The ‘War On Terror’

Israel is an Apartheid Nation, it’s a given Fact.

Few videos and links explaining briefly what the Palestinians are up against.

$250.000.000 is an awful amount of money to spend every day, for the past 16 years on Israel’s bidding, especially when its the American Taxpayer, picking up the tab.

Three historical videos recording the magnitude of the task facing the Palestinians in their efforts to reclaim their Homelands.

The paradigm here, video and comment, courtesy of brings us to the present time. Israel’s infestation of the American People and Nation is simply ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’

Happy Days.