Vaccines, Hope At Last; Robert Kennedy Jr, Prominent Vaccine Sceptic To Head Trump Commission On Vaccine Safety [video’s]

Wonderful, Wonderful appointment by President Elect Trump.

Vaccinations are a Destructive, Barbaric infringement on the Innocence of Our Children.

There is Clear evidence the CDC and Big Pharm have colluded to Pervert the Course of Justice, regarding the Injuries Vaccines cause to Children.

Happy Days.



Autism Rates In California Have Sky-rocketed Following Mandatory Vaccine Bill


Remember this Man. Senator Richard Pan, a Democrat, representing California. He has taken the 30 Pieces of Silver, along with his associates to Betray Humanity: Justice is coming.

“They must find it difficult… Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as authority”

Gerald Massey-Egyptologist.

When we ask ‘Goodness’ is the Vaccine Nightmare going to end?” The suffering is immeasurable for the victims, yes that’s the only way to describe our Precious Children and their Loved Ones.

Reality analysts have been exposing the Vaccine Industry for decades now, here an example of those who have understood the message.

Whats it going to take to awaken the remainder of Humanity? ‘Goodness’ Knows.

Happy Days.


Severe Allergies To Peanuts, Eggs And Dairy Linked To Ingredients In Common Vaccines.


Strange you never see Politicians TV News presenters, or Newspapers calling for investigations into the recent explosion of various illnesses, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Strokes, Severe Allergies etcetera, afflicting Humanity.  

We have to drastically rethink our Health Mandates, moving away from Treatments and Cures into the Causes of said Illnesses, then addressing their Effects on our Health.

Here we see some conclusions referring to Allergies, which millions of people experience in our world Today.

quote-discussing-vaccination-with-a-doctor-is-like-discussing-vegetarianism-with-a-butcher-george-bernard-shaw-112-33-32Happy Days.


Vaccines: The Whole Rotten Conspiracy To Pervert Our Children Exposed + Video

“Babies are born with the finest immune system in the universe. From the moment of birth the pharmaceutical industry through its various agencies begins to de-construct that immune system” RH


First we see the CDC allowing the barbaric practise of Vaccinations to continue, in the Full Knowledge that Vaccines are responsible for the Deaths and Damage to said Children.

Meanwhile, in Australia………

An example concerning  Nursing and Midwifery Board of  Australia’s response to ‘Reality Analysts’ ( People who are Capable of Thinking, Investigating for Themselves, who Refuse to Blindly Adopt a Corporate Narrative)

Meanwhile no response from the Corporate Media Whores as CDC Documents PROVE THE LINK BETWEEN VACCINES AND AUTISM.


Happy Days.