Autism Rates In California Have Sky-rocketed Following Mandatory Vaccine Bill


Remember this Man. Senator Richard Pan, a Democrat, representing California. He has taken the 30 Pieces of Silver, along with his associates to Betray Humanity: Justice is coming.

“They must find it difficult… Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as authority”

Gerald Massey-Egyptologist.

When we ask ‘Goodness’ is the Vaccine Nightmare going to end?” The suffering is immeasurable for the victims, yes that’s the only way to describe our Precious Children and their Loved Ones.

Reality analysts have been exposing the Vaccine Industry for decades now, here an example of those who have understood the message.

Whats it going to take to awaken the remainder of Humanity? ‘Goodness’ Knows.

Happy Days.


The Failure Of Chemotherapy; More Patients Abstain From The Treatment More Survive


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“Between 2005 and 2015 Cancer cases increased by 33% and the number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next just two decades under the current global disease promoting paradigm”

This quote is taken from this article by Dave Mihalovic.

The statistics are staggering.

That Chemotherapy is a Poison is common knowledge amongst oncologists, hardly surprising really when you learn how Chemotherapy was derived. In a recent survey, amongst oncologists 95% of the profession stated they would refuse Chemotherapy for themselves and their families. Whats going on you may ask? Well Cancer is a Vast Industry, with Enormous Sums of Money involved. Humanity can only serve One Master! You either Conform or you don’t Perform; simple.

Cancer cures are many and varied, documented and acknowledged for decades now by Independent Scientists, Researchers and Doctors this suppressed information if finally been made available to vast swaths of populations around the globe. As people become aware of the Cancer Cures the are beginning to demand the information concerning the Cancer Causes!

Finally an expression we use in England ‘The Proof is in the Pudding’ plus video.

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Big Pharma And The Government Are Suppressing Marijuanas Medical Benefits.


The Patient or the Money?

When you understand that Big Pharmas take in Prescription Medicine from the United States alone in 2016 is projected to be $3.400.000.000.000 you understand why they are keen to preserve their Market Monopoly.

Factor in the reality that American Administrations of either political persuasion have been compromised by the Pharmaceutical Industry for decades and its simple to derive their present position of Power in Government.

Marijuana is in essence a Natural Plant that’s Easily Grown, Easily Harvested, Easily Administered, but more important ACTUALLY WORKS what more could one ask for? And there you have the predicament Big Pharma has created for itself. Does it capitulate to sound medical principles where the Patients Health and Wellbeing are Paramount or continue to Focus on It’s Bottom Line?

Answer: A No-Brainer.

“I warned you of him and there was no prophet but warned his followers of him; but I will tell you something about him which no prophet has told his followers: Ad-Dajjal (the Anti Christ) is One-Eyed whereas Allah (God) is not.

Hadith Bukhari.

Happy Days.

Matthews Message, December 9, 2016



We have posted messages from Matthew in the past, we present the latest 9, December 2016.

A few sentences taken from the message.

“and soon the illuminate will have to accept the truth :Their long dark ages of controlling life on Earth have come to an end.”


Happy Days.