“Fluorides Are General Protoplasmic Poisons”

“Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain… the effects of each toxic-ant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because brain power of the next generation is critical to us all”

Phillipe Grandjean, Professor of Environmental Health-Harvard University.

Short, but in this case, far from ‘Sweet’

These a whole host of Warning concerning Fluoride from many eminent Health Professionals in this Link, going way back. Check a few out.


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Fluoride Eats Windows!! Image What It Does To Your Health?

“When a well-packed web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will sound utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic”

Dresden James.

Fluoride is a danger to humanity, its being supplied to us in many forms and is also digested into our bodies through the water supply and tooth paste. As an acid it will literally rot anything.

Even the corporate media whores, that lied to the people for many decades have finally succumb to reporting the truth, in this case CNN, concerning fluoride.

Still not convinced? Can’t except you’ve been had for so long. Perhaps this article in the Lancet, the worlds oldest medical journal, regarding fluoride may just convince you?

Footnote: Please inform you local health authority concerning the dangers of fluoride, as so many are ignorant, programmed and incapable of analysing the present day reality.

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The Nightmare That Is Monsanto; Update 3, August 2017

“Indifference is a glue, used by the jailers to bind us together” RH

And so we continue to let this nefarious multinational corporation Monsanto contaminates our Earth and infest our bodies with cancer.

You have to ask what’s it going to take for folks to interact with reality. This company is Killing Us, while Government’s and their Regulatory Authorities have proven unwilling to act!!!!!!!!!

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