Fracking Hell

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.  Here we have the Minister of Death Owen Paterson with the next president select, sorry elect.  We all know who she is, her deeds  precede her.  Not wanting to go off tangent, here’s an exposé , referring our meaning.

Any commerce involving this man, and his partner in crime David Willetts, needs to be scrutinized by Sherlock Holmes.  As one of the newspaper leaders said in the 70s under the Thatcher Government “Torries know the price of everything and the value of nothing”.  There are no depths that some won’t sink to in the pursuit of money.  However lets try and stay on course here, difficult when so many of the Actors practice to deceive.  At the end of , we must say an excellent exposé by the – tap, is a link to, and there its reported the bribery the victims will receive for the decimation of their countryside.   However the money will not go directly to the victims per say, but to an extension, i.e. the councils of the kleptocracy that purvey through local and national government in the UK .  The corporate news media are in compliance with the fracking agenda, as are the Energy and Climate Change Committee.   They have recently reported that shale gas may help the UK to secure its energy supplies, but may not bring down gas prices.  Talk about hedging you bets, it may this and may that , but one things for sure it’s going to make an awfully big F—ing mess of the countryside.

So now we have the Chinese who are Fracking the country, building nuclear power plants.

Yes its a long video, but you can easily put it on pause and take a break.  Ian R Craine is an ex oilfield executive and lectures on political subjects.  We feel its well worth taking this man’s opinions and the Truth that is portrayed in this video.   There is a huge amount of information and dis-information to be investigated into fracking as again the consequences affect so much land and so many people.  Knowing through past experience how the Minister of death and his accomplice David Willetts, have been found lying to the public and parliament, regarding GMOs – another highly contentious issue, to put any validation as to the opinions and moral compass of these two would be very foolish indeed.  For many in Political life and in Public office in the UK, telling lies has become a way of life.  It’s quite acceptable in modern-day Britain to be “economical with the Truth” (BANKER TALK).  They know they will not be held to account for their words or deeds, the Great Leader Tony Blair being the prime example.  That’s how he became the Prime Minister.

There are thousands of reports on the media that matters referring to the Truth of fracking, look them up and discover the truth for yourselves, they cover many countries who have been unfortunate enough to allow fracking on their land.  Also as much information is available regarding people protesting in many countries to keep the frackers out,and those protesting about the fracking where the oil companies are operating.  You want find any of these reports from the media whores on the TV, as they have been instructed to report anti-fracking protests as just a local issue.   Just like the media whores that  tried to deride UKIP for expressing a wish to leave the EU, and portray it as a British racist  phenomenon.  Then the Truth is revealed HEY PRESTO, Monday 26 MAY 2014, that 10s of millions of EU citizens want out of the kleptocracy that has become the EU.   If anything the media whores have always been ambiguous towards the EU, with you guessed it the BBC wining hands down.  They are instructed to read a script,not report the news.  However when the truth is revealed and they all lose their jobs, after all the public are not going to allow liars, they will shed many buckets of tears, and rightly so.

A parable of modern day Britain, now and then that I read, quoted from a political correspondent whose name escapes me.  Anyway here we go , as its usually the message not the messenger that is paramount.

A minister  is called to account by the Prime Minister, for failing the country and his party.  The minister knocks on the door, “come in” says the Prime Minister,”I’m sorry Smith, you’ve been found out, you must go.”   The Prime Minister stands up from behind his desk, reaches for the decanter, and pours a large brandy into the brandy class, and places the glass on the desk next to a loaded gun.  The Prime Minister then walks to the door and leaves the room closing the door behind him.30 seconds later there’s a large bang from inside the room.  The Prime Minister re-enters the room with his aides and secretaries. There’s Smith sprawled on the floor, dead,gun in his hand and an empty brandy glass on the desk.

Fast Forward – a minister is called to account by the Prime Minister,for failing the country and his party.  The minister knocks on the door, “come in” says the Prime Minister, “I’m sorry smith,you’ve been found out, you must go”.  The Prime Minister stands up from behind his desk, reaches for the decanter, and pours a large brandy into the brandy glass, and places the glass on the desk next to a loaded gun.  The Prime Minister then walks to the door.  Smith picks up the gun,shoots the Prime Minister in the back, sits in his chair, puts his feet on the desk and drinks the brandy from the glass and pours himself another.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney.




Paedophila RottIng Through Our Society and Energy Truths

Just after the financial collapse of 2008 an American investigative journalist followed a missing money trail in New York amounting to $1Trillion.  Her investigations let her to Jersey, surprise surprise, one of the Crown Estate island tax havens.  When she got to Jersey and began picking up the money trail she was astonished, people did not want to talk about the missing $1 trillion.  They had more pressing matters to confer, and Haut De La Garenne was number one on their minds and in their hearts.  The reporter is Leah McGrath Goodwin and she has her own website dedicated to exposing the guilty.  She is a very courageous lady, one of many to come forward to bring these child muderers to justice.

This is another excellent site to learn more of what’s really going on in Jersey, one of the Crown Estates – The voice for children Blog.

Cliff Richard –Paedophile?

The missing ingrediant and the awakening from the amnesic sleep

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Energy crisis?  Cold fusion has the potential to chan ge all that with a little attention and effort, read this.

“The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry do not own the Sun”

– Ralph Nader

Read the truth about Big Oil, the money trail and the hold it has on our energy generation past, present and future.

Love and blessings