What Is Standing Rock? Why It Matters, Why We Need To Care And Who Are The Protagonists


In answer to the header, we go over to ‘starshipearth’ to pick up the Trail as it were, beginning with an article posted there on the 12th November.

Lots of info here, therefore our comments are short.

Forget the semantics its Plain and Simple, Standing Rock is one more catalyst in the ‘Good Guys’ V ‘Bad Guys’ battle being fought around our Planet. Now we move forward a few days to 16th November, Major changes occurring for the ‘Good Guys’ some of the authorities engaged in protecting the Corporate Line have had enough.

Now we simply follow the Money Trail and ‘Hey Presto’ the paradigm is revealed.

“To be clever enough to get all the money, one must be stupid enough to want it”

Gilbert K. Chesterton.

Happy Days.


The Big Lie : Oil Is Not A Fossil Fuel

Now it would seem, Oil is a Natural product of the Earth.

Another writer Oil is not a Fossil Fuel – It is Abiotic. and this writers material dated September,

North Sea oil rig


Seems Science made Stuff Up in the past, as they went along.

Wondering if there any other Subjects or Historical Events that don’t quite Ring True?

Peaceful, non compliance will change our World.

Happy Days.

The Nicola Tesla Interview Hidden for 116 Years

These revelations from Nicola Tesla are startling, yet barely surprising for those who tirelessly day by day report the Truth on Humanities encapsulation. The interview however revealing, represents but a fraction of the Knowledge, Science, History and Technology stolen from us by those with vested interests and pernicious agenda’s. Refered to at RH ” The Bad Guys”


Peaceful, non compliance will change our World.

Happy Days.