Has The Primary Geoengineering Material Supplier Been Identified? [video]

“If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money”

Dr. Guy McPherson.

“There you were, merrily dancing through life, never giving a second thought as to where all this Alzheimers is originating!!”RH

Happy Days.

Why Puerto Rico Was Really Attacked [video]

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”

Martin Luther King Jr.

As the GMO threat to Human Kind is revealed, so the pernicious Corporation Monsanto, incorporated into the clandestine plutocracy, presently controlling our World, is forced to destroy that which is Natural and Healthy.

Happy Days.


How Dumb Can British Consumers Be? Dumb And Dumber

“Two percent of people think; three percent of people think they think; and ninety-five percent of people would rather die than think”

George Bernard Shaw.

You have to hand it to the British Government and their fraternity the Energy Companies. To scam energy consumers into paying for their own exploitation, is text-book Capitalism with a capital S for ‘Stupid’ However this is not a new phenomenon, the BBC License Fee (Tax) Payers have willingly contributed to their own Propaganda for donkeys years!!

The comments at the foot of the article from the Daily Mail, thankfully illustrate that all in Britain is not yet lost.

Happy Days.

The Nightmare That Is Monsanto; Update 3, August 2017

“Indifference is a glue, used by the jailers to bind us together” RH

And so we continue to let this nefarious multinational corporation Monsanto contaminates our Earth and infest our bodies with cancer.

You have to ask what’s it going to take for folks to interact with reality. This company is Killing Us, while Government’s and their Regulatory Authorities have proven unwilling to act!!!!!!!!!

Happy Days.