AstraZeneca: Pinkwashing The Causes Of Breast Cancer Since 1985

For those of us aware of the Cancer Industry, this latest revelation will hardly surprise. However, yet more welcome information to validate that which is known already, regarding Big Pharma and their pernicious objectives.


“Wait until people learn the source of disease and they never needed any drug to cure themselves”

Happy Days.

Tony (Liar) Blair The Truth, And Exposing The Charitable Aid Institutional Scams

A truly informative encapsulation of the Psychopath named Tony (Liar) Blair. LINK Below, seems Save the Children have detached themselves from reality and history. How perverse when a Mass Murder is honoured by a world renowned, Non Government Organisation (NGO)

This award to TB has sparked huge controversy in the UK , however to our knowledge no Politician has stuck their heads above the parapet and condemned the award. He received his award at a star studied event in New York, those attending by design may be described as morally bankrupt.

LINK Below, reveals the Seedy side of Tony (Liar) Blair, with that word D-notice raising its ugly head again. The essay from iamkare is an extensive investigation into the Child Sex Crimes now plaguing the British Establishment, taking us further down the ” Rabbit Hole ” revealing those culpable in the conspiracy and deceit and the lenths the Establishment is prepared to sanction to keep its Secrets, SECRET, even Murder.

The mantra from the Corporate Media/Establishment : ” If you have nothing to hide, why worry? ”


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The three LINKS Below are further Proof, if needed, explaining the conspiracy to rob those who give out of heartfelt generosity to those in need. However as stated the money is directed to the “Bad Guys ” whom are orchestrating our demise.

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“Everything is seen, and all is known, all will be revealed and everything shown”

Peaceful, Non Compliance Will Change Our World.


Wonderful Idea – Sell The Duchy Of Cornwall And Invest It In Food Banks

Take a look at the post below,with a little imagination its lovely to see what can be achieved.The secret millionaire is a fascinating TV programme, again depicting charity,this time on a much larger scale

Here’s a link to the food bank charity, in our opinion they supply a wonderful service to the less fortunate and the needy, different from The Salvation Army,but both singing from the same hymn sheet.  13,000,000 people are living below the poverty line in the UK, their figure’s no ours.

There’s an update from The Independent on how the economy is progressing under this Coalition Government, the one Nick Clegg is so infused to be a part of.  With so many citizens of the UK now sharing in the economic benefits and the about of the economy ,the 2015 should be a forgone conclusion.

” Wonderful Idea”.  Getting back to the text of the post we have a suggestion from RH for two people, Charles and Camilla, both with a  lineage to the Queen who has benefited considerably and financially due to the UK economic recovery.  According to the Guardian the Queen has personally increased her wealth by £10,000,000

Now the Duchy of Cornwall’s Estate is worth more than £750,000,000 on a good day.

Apologies for so many links here, but we have to validate what we are expressing, exposing and saying, otherwise RH could be labeled , conspiracists.

Well, finally returning to the” Wonderful Idea”.  Charles and Camilla, sell the Duchy of Cornwall Estate and move into Buckingham Palace’s 775 rooms with mum and dad with the proceeds of the sale then invested.  The interest on the £750 Million investment  could then be used to underwrite the Trussell Trust.

What a Wonderful legacy to bequeath their country. Taking people out of poverty,rather than relying on the poor to keep them in a manner to which they have become accustomed.

Happy Days

Michael J McCartney

Oxfam Warn Of Wealth Gap Impact


1% Own Half World Wealth, InequalityInequality, Financial InequalityThe Independent – Oxfam warns Davos of “pernicious impact” of the widening wealth gap.



The Rothschilds, a very rich family in a very rich list.  They are among the richer in this list of the worlds top 85 richest people and families, who own amongst themselves 50% of global wealth.  This gap in inequality is a tragedy for our humanity when we’re supposed so developed and aware, as well as a sickness across our planet.

Many of the names in this list are shadows the corporate media are told not to remember, or is it to forget?

“Sometimes I do wish apples were our currency so your hoarded millions would rot in their vault”

– Enter Shikari, lyrics from Step Up

“Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile”

– Paolo Coelho

Here’s something to lighten the mood a little however , watch the video and play it very loud.

Love and Blessings.

The Queen and The EU Approach To Food Production

Oww – This is a charity set up by those who gave their all for Queen and Country, 1000 veterans are homeless in London alone

The Queen, certainly one of the richest woman in the world and the Crown Estates (some say they are one and the same) have an estimated worth £40 trillion.  The Queen should hang her head in shame, that’s provided shame is in the Queen’s DNA.  We know she has no compassion in her DNA she had to be told to mourn and to lower the flag after her daughter in-laws death by of all people Tony Blair (Prince John).  Remember it took her eight days to visit Aberfan in Wales in 1966 when the pit slag sipped burying and killing over 130 People ,116 of whom were Children.  So we know compassion and empathy are not present in her DNA, we sometimes wonder at Robin Hood what is the Queen made of?

“Never forget the truth never goes away never”

–  Robin Hood

Moving onto the EU: Hungarian farmers can’t duck EU Constraint.  Not only is this report distressing for the Hungarians, and the EU citizens it highlights the political elites Agenda: “Control and Destroy” all for some grand political illusionary agenda.

Marx and Lenin would be ecstatic, it’s EU communism without a shot being fired. One of the EU benefits we have experienced here in the UK  is the the EU Common Fisheries Policy.  The UK once had some of the best fishing grounds in the world now we have to “disregard “ look it up , it’s the economics of the mad house.

The CAP (Common Agriculture Policy), set aside, paying farmers not to grow food while 2 billion of their brothers and sisters are hungry, the economics of mad house!  Then the EU put advertisements on the corporate news media through their NGOs: War on Want, Save the children, Stooges in the aid industry to feed the starving.  This is only one aspect of this whole nightmare, people are starving, we’d like to reiterate.

Come on wake up get rid of the EU, food prices would half and the world could be fed.  Returning to Hungary, its population of 10m produced enough food to feed 30m.  Food production in Hungary has virtually closed down.  The reason: the EU don’t want their food production.

Unfit Doctors Surgeries and The Police State

1/3 of Doctors surgeries are not fit for purpose.  The Conservatives, their Liberal partners in Crime and the Labour party can’t privatise the NHS quick enough.  We are just sitting back and letting this happen waiting for the next person to do something about it.

People say “what can I do it’s always been like that?”

The answer from us is “It’s always been like that because you have always let it be like that”.

This was a beautiful moment in Italy,

“Everything was impossible until someone did it”

We have chosen three interesting videos among the 100s that have been posted by people against the Police State.  Remember when viewing Judgment is another tool in the Globalist Banker’s psyche, don’t fall into the trap.

Remember white Britains when all our Brothers and Sisters the Black and Muslim communities have been arrested the police will be coming for you, we love all at Robin Hood.

In Spiritual news reports the Dam of this present darkness is about to break.

Read about where all your honest and beautiful donations are actually going when you give to Comic Relief.

Love and blessings