Broken Britain: Shadow Chancellor Of The Exchequer John McDonnell Calls On Queen To Release Financial Records Amid Paradise Papers Leaks


“The secret to life is honesty and fair dealing. If You can fake that you’ve got it made”

Groucho Marx.

We have an Authoritarian Plutocracy Governing in Britain Today and its not going to change until the People rid themselves of the Bank of England and the Houses of Parliament, in that order.

Latest estimates of the British Crowns worth is put at £ yet the Queen and Members of the Royal Family receive Benefits from the British Taxpayers to the tune of £213.000.000 per annum. Strange how Society labels images of adults having sex as Pornographic.

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 The NHS at Breaking Point, No Funding, Social Care and Mental Health Care in Crisis, then announce this week, 308.000 People in Britain Homeless, we would suggest the Obscenity lays here.

We have a perverse situation in Britain Today where the Economy Supports the Rich, Corporations and Big Business, facilitated by HMRC instead of the other way round.

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How The Elite Dominate The World-Part 5: The Endgame Is Compete And Utter Domination

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”

Franklin D. Roosevelt.

This Fifth article in the Series  by Michael Snyder describes briefly the ‘Hidden Hand, Deep State, Establishment’ Unelected, accountable to none, posses a ‘God’ Complex, however there in ends the similarity. Unlike the Divine Creator who has endowed upon Humanity Free Will, these Hidden Forces use any means (War, Mass Murder, Famine, Depopulation, Drugs, Attacks on Our Immune System) to justify Their Ends.

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Capitalism ‘Has Been Broken’ Top UK Business Leaders Warn

“Obedience is the collective tissue of oppression”

Many years ago British Industry and Commerce supported the Economy, by way of Taxation and National Insurance contributions. Today the British Economy supports and subsidises Business and Corporations

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This particular essay concerning Child Poverty comes as no surprise., there are many Hundreds of incidences today in Britain where the very fabric of Society is Collapsing through Lack of Funding, NHS, Social Care, Mental Health, we could fill this page. These effect have been brought about by Governments and HMRC deliberate intent to Safeguard Business and Corporations from Tax in Britain by manipulating the Tax Laws of the Nation to Benefit the Rich, after all is said and done, the Working Man/Woman, the Poor and Destitute are Easy Targets for Tax Collecting.

‘Deliberate intent to manipulate the Tax Laws to Benefit the Rich’ “Conspiracy” you reply, If Only we answer, here’s one of many Conspiracies by HMRC for all to read.

 Three example of Corporate Immorality, which are not just perverse, they’re downright Pornographic.

Another HMRC facilitation of a Proliferate Corporation, Amazon.

A Whole Bunch of Tax Avoiders.

Number Three  eBay

Please dont mention your ignorance, foolishness or duplicity by informing us that Taxes are Paid on Profits, not Turnover and in the Country were said Business is Registered. If you believe for one moment, this form of Accountancy is Acceptable, we would assume your One of the 1%.

John McDonnell, the Labour Party, shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer has stated that he know of at least 1000 companies and corporations who actively practise Tax Avoidance  in the UK, as does HMRC.

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How The Elites Dominate The World-Part 1: Debt As A Tool Of Enslavement

“Self worth is often tied to money (or more commonly, the lack of money)

In this First, of a 5 Part essay, Michael Snyder writes concerning the impact Global Debt has on certain sections of the community and the consequences for the borrowers, which he quantifies in monetary terms.

However the effect of Global Debt Serfdom on a Nations Population regarding their Health, Wellbeing and Social Fabric, is incalculable in £s, Shillings and Pence, or in this example $s.

Simply put, Debt is used a Toll of Financial Terrorism.

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Science Journal Editor Was On Monsanto’s Payroll

How comes none of the reality analysts, free thinkers and conspiracy theorists aren’t the least surprised at the revelations that Monsanto is a lying. cheating, pernicious, nefarious ambiguous Multinational Corporation, employing deceit, subterfuge and the Regulatory Authorities across the globe, to Make Money.

“If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money”

Dr. Guy McPherson.

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