Bombshell Secret Documents Show Monsanto Knew About Glyphosate Cancer Links Over 35 Years Ago

Money Talks. This nefarious corporation has been able to manipulate Science to suit its business model for far to long. Four articles to validate the previous two sentences. The First.

The Second article reveals the GMOs interrelationship with Our Planet, rather lack of it.

Where there is a conflict of interests, Money sadly, tends to be the predominant factor.

Following up the rear, True Science explodes the GMO myth.

“If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money” Dr. Guy McPherson.

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23 Must See Vaccine Documentaries To Watch And Share!………….. Please

“The opposite of love is not hate, its apathy”

Many of these Vaccination Videos you may have seen before on RH. Not, however in a compilation, as presented here. The information contained is these videos so vital when it comes to making informed choices regarding vaccines that Governments and their fraternity Big Pharma have seen fit to obstruct for Public Consumption, VAXXED is a prime example.

“Condemnation, without investigation is the hight of ignorance”

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Big Pharma And The Government Are Suppressing Marijuanas Medical Benefits.


The Patient or the Money?

When you understand that Big Pharmas take in Prescription Medicine from the United States alone in 2016 is projected to be $3.400.000.000.000 you understand why they are keen to preserve their Market Monopoly.

Factor in the reality that American Administrations of either political persuasion have been compromised by the Pharmaceutical Industry for decades and its simple to derive their present position of Power in Government.

Marijuana is in essence a Natural Plant that’s Easily Grown, Easily Harvested, Easily Administered, but more important ACTUALLY WORKS what more could one ask for? And there you have the predicament Big Pharma has created for itself. Does it capitulate to sound medical principles where the Patients Health and Wellbeing are Paramount or continue to Focus on It’s Bottom Line?

Answer: A No-Brainer.

“I warned you of him and there was no prophet but warned his followers of him; but I will tell you something about him which no prophet has told his followers: Ad-Dajjal (the Anti Christ) is One-Eyed whereas Allah (God) is not.

Hadith Bukhari.

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How Germany Conquered Europe: Third Time Lucky


This quote taken from the article The Euro is Murdering Europe is by far the best description to date, in our opinion, referring to the deconstruction of Sovereign nations on a global Scale, just like to add America Included.

“Globalization destroys nations to advance the agenda of a few hundred giant multinationals”

The EU was enacted to help facilitate the Objective of the ‘Bad Guys’ toward One World Governance, or to give it the Conspirators definition NWO, in essence, same difference.

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Kellogg Breakfasts Are Nutritious And Healthy: Who Says So? Why Kellogg, Who Else?


Owing to the ‘Golden Rule’ and how Society has been constructed these past 50 Years, one of the anomalies that scream out for attention, yet buried in the mire of disinformation is ‘INDEPENDENT RESEARCH’ However we reiterate, it’s the ‘Golden Rule’ “The one with all the gold, makes all the rules” Some of these Global Corporations now enjoy incomes larger than many Small Nations. Money is Power, in the present predicament.

Global Corporations such as Kellogg rightfully so conduct their own ‘In House’ research. However, governments in the past, through their regulatory authorities would instruct Independent Researchers to verify the findings of said Corporations. Implicitly where Food and Health were concerned.

This sadly has fallen by the wayside, owing to perceived ‘Cost Cutting’ on behalf of Government, when in fact the narrative to rid society of Independent Research has been driven by the Multinational Corporations, predominantly ‘Big Pharma’ The result; these Huge Corporations can tell you whatever they like, who’s able to dispute their Science. Look at Monsanto, they’ve been unscrupulous and ambiguous regarding their Products for 5 decades.

However we will revisit ‘Big Pharma’ and their research, another day.

Take a look at the consequences of ones actions if you fail in conforming to Kellogg and their ‘Moral High Ground’ The duplicity on display is beyond palatable.


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Standing Up At Standing Rock: Update


Three articles here, also a video so comments are short.

The Corporate Law Enforcers in the guise of Morton County Sheriffs Department seem to be adopting a ‘Freeze Them Out’ option toward the Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters.

Weather Weapons, Geoengineering is nothing new, the ‘Bad Guys ‘have had the technology for decades and used it. Just take a look at what happened to the Occupy Wall Street movement at the foot of the article, here supplied by starshipearth. It would seem, Dakota is Par For The Course.

Further subterfuge from the American Government as they seek to conceal their coercion appertaining to the DAPL. Will they succeed? or will the Protesters Triumph? This weekend hopefully will signify a defining moment in humanities history, which when you strip off the wallpaper is the struggle between ‘Good and Evil’

Victory For The Light.

“Everything is seen and all is known, all will be revealed and everything shown” RH

Happy Days.