Open Letter To The Cabal ‘Bad Guys’ Mainstream Media


Well could not have explained with more clarity, if  we tried. Enjoyed the little snippet from, especially.

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There are several additions to the inventory, however all for another day.

“Everything is seen and all is known; all will be revealed and everything shown” RH

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One Year Old Boy In Scotland Prescribed Antidepressants On NHS

“One of the first duties of a physician is to educate the masses not to take medication”

William Osler. 1849 – 1919

Would suggest that may be the Doctor who prescribed the antidepressants for the One Year Old refer themselves for psychiatric assessment?

“Nearly half of all Britons are taking prescription medication on a regular basis”


Wow, that statement is certainly an indictment on both the NHS and Big Pharma.

However when you consider how Big Pharma stops its competition, with its predominance in the Health Industry,  nonconformist Health Providers who operate through virtue and ethics are consigned to the peripheral. Health Providers such as the NHS are merely Pawns the global dominance by Corporate Medicine, i.e. Big Pharma.

Paul A Philips speaks of ”Alternative Health Treatments, being Suppressed”

We suggest that statement is a derisory description of Natural Health Treatments, after all, is not Big Pharma’s Concoctions of Potions and Patent Medicines, a Bastardisation, the Ultimate Alternative?


An example, we wish to exemplify; lets take ‘Natural Treatments to Reverse Kidney Disease’

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The Real War On Drugs


This essay explains why the ‘Bad Guys’ are petrified that drugs will be Legalised. All there Criminal Enterprises would come to an abrupt end. Our perception at RH has been vindicated as we believed No1 in Global Drugs Trafficking was MI6, with the CIA bringing up the rear. Although MI6 is not mentioned in this particular article, they ply their wares thought the Global network of Crown Dependencies, Bermuda, Cayman Island, Gibraltar etcetera to facilitate the Money Laundering, hence HSBC. The Bank, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was founded on the British White Powder Trade (Opium) out of Indochina.


For those of you who believe its a coincidence that Osama Bin Laden was hiding out in Afghanistan here’s another one.


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How Congress Allowed Vaccine Manufacturers To Dismantle The Constitution (In One Thousand Words Or Less)

“One of the first duties of a physician is to educate the masses not to take medication”

William Osler 1849-1919


Surely by now the majority of American people have come to the conclusion that the Nation is Two Fruits short of a Banana Republic. The daily farce of the Presidential race trends from the sublime to the ridiculous, Trump, Hillary Obama (3 Stooges) in equal measure. This essay however articulates the Criminal Conspiracy between Congress and Big Pharma.

As with most chronicles in the present day World the fundamental is Money. In this instance those who pay the price are the American People. Health supplies wealth to Big Pharma, here we see Congress are there to facilitate the flow of Money to Big Pharma, regardless of cost. Sadly we are not just talking Money here. Never in the history of America have the People spent so much on Health, to be so Unhealthy, providing Big Pharmas shareholders with so much Wealth.

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HSBC Reportedly Got Top British Government Help To Hamper Money Laundering Probe – Reports


HSBC-Too-Big-To-Jail_11Clearly as this article from RT implies, not only is it applicable in Banking as to ‘What you know’ but also ‘Who you know’

These Financial Terrorist (Bankers) who commit Fraud (Miss-Selling) Market and Currency manipulation, see “Markets are all rigged” by John Crudele must be curtailed.

Banking in its present form clearly represent the greatest threat to the stability of Global Financial Markets and a Nations ability to govern itself, in this present day.

Bankers with their License to Print Money are able to captivate and entice Politicians, small change as it were, freely but firmly in their trousers pockets. Be it Osborne or Yellen, money recognises no borders.

The caption bellow illustrates another form of Financial Terrorism. The perpetrators here, Corporations: With their $10.000 an hour accountants, they are able to circumvent a Nations Tax Laws. Many Corporations Contributing nothing to a Nations economy their pernicious semantics hinder and plunder wherever they choose to set out their stool.

In times gone by, Banks and Large Companies would support Nations economies.

Today these Banks and Multi-National Corporations are supported by Nations Economies, receiving Tax-Payer Grants, Tax Avoidance, with economies of scale enabling them to Trade indigenous Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) out of business.  Remembering many of these Corporations employees are working Zero Contracts for a Minimum Wage.

get-attachment-204Happy Days.

The Toxicity Of The Clinton’s: Everything They Touch, They Taint

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive”


The headline and the text of the article hardly inspire faith, let alone confidence in present day America.

Having stated that, we have endured in England the perverse spectacle of a Conservative/Liberal Coalition Government followed by a Conservative Government, protecting an ex Labour Prime Minister, Tony Blair aka WAR CRIMINAL from prosecution (Chilcot Inquiry)

Wondering aloud if the Fema Camps in America have been constructed to house the Global Cabal/Elites when the time arrives for them all to face the consequences of their nefarious actions over many years?

Happy Days.