Peter Hitchens And The Political Elite, Once Again Gathered At BBC (Buggering Boys Continuously) Question Time

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”

Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Liberal Fascist Owen Jones talks about “Immigrants propping up the NHS” You will never hear a Liberal Fascist (Three Politicians on the panel) admitting immigrants actually benefit by using the NHS, State Education, Social Care, the Infrastructure in Britain, Housing, Transport, Roads etcetera. Truth is Voting is a useless exercise as Bankers Govern Britain through their fraternity the Politicians, be they Liberal, Labour or Conservative. Then we have ‘State Media’ BBC, SKY. ITV and Channel 4, commonly recognised asĀ  the Media Whores who facilitate the Authoritarian Plutocracy Narrative.

Happy days.

Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed, everything else is public relations. George Orwell, a Visionary

Four articles here referring to Sandy Hook, so our comments will be a brief introduction to the information presented.

The first shows the Sandy Hook Children Victims of the Shootings, alive and well.

Here David Icke, presents the Richie Allen show, interviewing Wolfgang Halbig regarding sandy Hook.

More ‘Investigative Journalism’ on Sandy Hook, this from exposes the Parents and Actors who participated in the Sandy Hook, dare we say ‘Film Shoot’

Finally an Update………………..

Bringing up the rear, we go to starship again where a Trauma Nurse involved in these ‘False Flag Events, spills the Beans’

Play it Loud!!!

Happy Days.