Britain: Keep Calm Its Nearly All Over!!

“Politics is for the masses, it’s an illusion” RH

You see, when you strip away the paste and the wallpaper the pension industry in Britain is one big Ponzi scheme. You have the wealthy, contributing as little as possible to economy. Then the bludgers at the opposite end of the economy, taking as much from the economy as possible. The conundrum in the middle, politicians incapable of telling the folks the truth, on just about any subject you care to mention.

Consequently its about to hit the fan.

Take a look…..

Britain’s Political/Economic stereotype has failed the 99% of the Nation for Centuries. With the impending total collapse of the Financial Purgatory perpetuated on the people, for so long, logic dictates that…………………………. “When what is true comes, what is false must pass away”

This eventual breaking of Britain, will ultimately lead to the making of Britain. A Britain for 100% of its people.

“The Deep State, the Secret Government fear Two things, The People and the Truth”RH

Happy Days.



HSBC: The World’s Dirtiest Bank

Satan, himself with the Devil Incarnate, guess who’s who!

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive”

Walter Scott.

As you see, this article was taken from the book ‘Big Oil and Their Bankers’ written by Dean Henderson.

Suffice to say, this excerpt and the book speak for themselves.

“Politics is for the masses, it’s an illusion” RH.

Happy Days.


The Finance Curse; Banking Iniquity In The ‘City Of London’ CRUCIAL And REVEALING VIDEO

“Truth is knowledge is power is freedom; simple” RH

What if we were to tell you the City of London is not a part of Britain. Some who are not familiar with the contents of RH may well say were ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Trouble with conspiracy theorists, as history shows, many conspiracy theories have a tendency, to be proven True.

Enough of us, this video will go some way into disclosing the true power lies in Britain. The Financial Curse that blights not only the British, but every person on the Planet.

“Until they become conscious, they will never rebel and until they have rebelled, they cannot become conscious”

George Orwell-Visionary.

Happy Days.

How The World Works; Washington Instigates The EU Migrant Crisis [video]

Interesting in this John Pilger interview, Julian Assange refers to Donald Trumps presidential campaign  “Trump will not be permitted to win” in his opinion. As history shows his opinion proved to be incorrect. Julian Assange mentions the ” Establishment, or DC consensus and its influences” i.e Hillary Rodham Clinton (Many reality analysts refer to as the ‘Deep State’)

It is this very DC consensus (Deep State) that is currently de-constructing the Trump Presidential Administration.

Happy Days.