Vaccines, Hope At Last; Robert Kennedy Jr, Prominent Vaccine Sceptic To Head Trump Commission On Vaccine Safety [video’s]

Wonderful, Wonderful appointment by President Elect Trump.

Vaccinations are a Destructive, Barbaric infringement on the Innocence of Our Children.

There is Clear evidence the CDC and Big Pharm have colluded to Pervert the Course of Justice, regarding the Injuries Vaccines cause to Children.

Happy Days.



The Crimes Of The Clinton Foundation, Plus America’s Deadliest Job; [video’s]


hillary-clinton-a-career-criminalThank Goodness America and the World was spared a Hillary Presidency, no one it would seem is safe in Her company. Let’s hope when President, Trump is able to honour his promise; That of exposing all the Clinton’s Criminal Machinations.

Plus much, much more.

Happy Days.

Benjamin Fulford Update For January 9, 2017

Things in ‘La La’ Land, or is it Reality on Planet Earth? Well sure is getting exciting. Who’s Dead, we mean really dead, as we know dead? Who’s still alive? Who knows any-more? Seems to be lots of Walkers out there at the moment.

Much information to Confuse and Defuse Certain Situations.

Once again courtesy of starshipearth we have a planet Update from Benjamin Fulford.

whydowehavewars1Looking like,

Happy Days.