Bail-Ins, Ready? Get Set, ‘They’re Here’: One Problem, Where Doe’s Your Money Go?

Perhaps the Bail-In Crisis may be the catalyst to galvanise people to get engaged with the realities of today, Banker/Government tyranny. Then cast the ‘Terror’/’Muslim Threat’ narrative into the garbage, where it belongs.

The Bail-Ins are real people, not a figment of imagination, neither a conspiracy.


Reflecting on 2008. The Globalist Bankers are ruthless financial terrorists, who take no prisoners. Bail-Ins are lawfully instigated at the request of the Globalist Bankers, with the approval of their associates, YOUR GOVERNMENT.

Bail-Ins have been established to ensure ‘Business as Usual’  for the Global Banks when the next Financial Meltdown occurs, caused and initiated by the way, yes you’ve guessed it the Globalist Bankers.

Globalist Banking is a pernicious oligarchy, an authoritarian plutocracy, held in place to the detriment of the People and the Planet, the sooner we end it, the better.


Happy Days.