Catalonia Illustrates The EU Exit Directive, BRITAIN NEXT If We Don’t Capitulate [video]

Note Well that it states in Revelations/Apocalypse, 21:8

“All Liars shall have their part in the Lake which burneth with Fire and Brimstone”

“The Word Parliament means ‘Speaking Lies’ from the French word Parler which means to ‘Speak’ and Mentir which means to tell ‘Lies’ Also the word Politics, Poly means ‘Many’; Tics are ‘Blood Sucking Parasites’ Thus the Word Politics means ‘Many Blood Sucking Parasites”

In Britain we experience the Police Thugs, similar to these Police Thugs on display in these videos.

Please dont insult your intelligence by remonstrating at the headline Britain Next. Brexit was allowed as the Politicians, their Corporate Media Whores and the ‘Establishment, along with the Deep State’ never in their wildest dreams, believed¬† that the British People would Vote to Leave the EU.

If you reside in Britain today, since that Historic Vote on June 23rd 2016, the People are still subject to a Continuous Tirade of Fear Porn, Innuendo and out-rite Deceit by the aforementioned Corporate Media Whores, State Media: SKY News, BBC News 24, ITV News, Channel 4 News, LBC Radio, BBC Local Radio) and a Majority of Politicians.

Happy Days.


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