Save Our Children

“Everything is seen and all is known, all will be revealed and everything shown” RH.

In this first essay from starshipearth, another mass grave, in this instance containing 400 Children, has been revealed in Scotland. Then, please click onto the LINK to Thomas Williams and listen to his radio show. OK its 182 minutes long, but what’s Three hours when you’re educating, empowering and freeing yourselves!

The first article was historical, this Second article from starshipearth bring us to the present day where we see Child Crimes on an Industrial Scale in California. The writer states the “Degenerates simply resign and there is often no jail time” Of course those responsible are freed by the authorities, as in most cases the Rabbit Hole leads us Down to the Very Highest Echelons of Governments, Industry, Commerce, Judiciary, Religion, State Media, Celebrity, Military and Law Enforcement.

Turkeys rarely vote for Christmas.

Happy Days.



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