Farage-Brexit Betrayed As Immigration Crisis Worsens

“There are three classes of people in the world, those who see, those who see when shown and those who do not see”

Leonardo Da Vinci.

They’re all consumers, therefore they’re all welcome. The more the merrier to increase sales and profits for the Multinationals/Bankers ruling Britain. With an estimated 35 Million People queuing to enter the EU, the 80 Million Population explosion is not far off.

What folks fail to understand. The British Establishments diktat to Government (Irrespective of its Politic) is ‘standing room only’ i.e, People = Consumers = Money for the Economy/Corporations.

It’s an irrelevance if the people are employed. State Benefits will ensure these consumers spend, paid for in taxes by those in employment. Overcrowding in Education, NHS, Social Care, Transport etcetera has no relevance to the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and a 1000 other Corporates who take the Money and MAGIKLY Exempt themselves from contributing to the economy via Taxes.

Remember folks, Politicians and Their Masters do not use the Services the Working People Use. Royalty, the Establishment, CEOs, Their Fraternity, Politicians and Celebrities are Generally, Private, 1st Class, Indifferent or Incognito.

Happy Days.

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