The Map They Don’t Want You To See: Nations With The Most Refugees Have The Most Terror Attacks

“Life is hard; it’s harder if your stupid” John Wayne.

You don’t need to be a cartographer to read this map. Truth is this ordinance survey of the EU comes as no surprise to the informed people’s of Europe.

Disregard the first 39 minutes of the video. The semantics and subterfuge of the British Politicians is but ‘Paste and Wallpaper’ as all the Major Political Parties in Britain report to One Paymaster, Rothschild’s Bankers.

However, the British Mantra at present is ‘Austerity’ With a Crisis in NHS Funding (Backdoor-Privatisation) Cuts in Social Care, Schools etcetera, the National Debt is fast approaching £ 39 minutes into the video the Liberal Democrats (Liberal Yes-Democrats, On Their Terms) explain their policy toward Syrian Refugees where they state Britain…………………………………..

Footnote: Solution to Syrian Refugee Crisis; Stop Bombing Them.

Peaceful, non compliance is changing our world.

Happy Days.



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