Australian Moron ‘Sarrah Le Marquand’ “It Should Be Illegal To Be A Stay At Home Mum”

“The arrogance of ignorance”

Always knew the Aussies indulged themselves ( Stuck in the middle of the ocean) who wouldn’t? What a wonderful excuse for stupidity. Obviously the 100 Monkey Theory (Intellect) bypassed Australia, well certainly in Sarrah Le Marquand case, it would seem. Lets hope she’s a ‘One Off’ Heaven help us if this excuse for a critical thinker is able to escape Australia and let here incoherent ramblings reverberate around the rest of the Globe.

Make no mistake, this pronouncement from Sarrah Le Marquand’s is an Attack on the Family, It’s an irrelevance if you reside in Australia, Venezuela, Somalia or Tibet. A Mother, any Mother is the foundation of the Family (Mother Earth, Planet Earth which supports us, Humanity) Who better to Educate, Care For and Fend For the Family than its Mother, its in our DNA, for heaven’s sake. This imbecile, an excuse for a Human Being Sarrah Le Marquand has achieved her stated goal, she is testing the water, which in this case has proved ‘To Hot’  Let us hope she is consigned to One of the Islands that Richard Branson Owns (A mind controlled plutocrat) and resides there, forever.

Call us conspiracy theorists if you will, but this whole scenario stinks of Malcolm Turnbull and X Employees,  Goldman Sachs (Bad Guys)

Happy days.


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