House Of Lords: We Cant Tell The British People The Truth, As Turkeys Don’t Vote For Christmas

The House of Lords is the wealthiest care home in the world, with one proviso. Unlike care homes at present where the clients pay a fee to the care home operator, the House of Lords care home operates in reverse. Those attending here get a £300 Daily allowance from British Tax Payers. How do you join this exclusive club? well that’s a long and twisted story ……………for another time.

Members of both houses of parliament fill the Chamber of the House of Lords.

Our apologies for the above pornographic image; however with Millions of People in Britain Today Living in Poverty, this is one obscenity we can end, while putting the Money Saved to Worthwhile Causes.

“Sometimes, I want to ask god why he allows so much poverty, famine and injustice in the world when he could be doing something about it; but im afraid he might ask me the same question” Charles Dickens.

Happy Days.


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