Why Would Australia’s Prime Minister Ignore Scientific Evidence Concerning Vaccine Damage?


“The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective ” Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Now if we were conspiracy theorist we may infer that Malcolm Turnbull (Ex Goldman Sachs Banker) may have a conflict of interests, or even vested interests associated with ‘Big Pharm’ Keeping in mind that the Bankers, own ‘ Big Pharma’ through their Share Options/Portfolios.

A recent examples regarding Vaccine Science. The first from a Major Yale Study Shows.

Now you wouldn’t call these guys Conspiracy Theorists, would you?

Here we see the Vaccine Science presented by the Vaccine Industry. But Wait, check out who’s undertaking the Science

The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s take on the Vaccine Industry, accompanied by a short video.

A quote from another Vaccine Conspiracist.

Happy Days.

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