The Muslim Brotherhood Is Creating A ‘Parallel Social Structure’ In Sweden Aided By The ‘Political Elites’ Making It Impossible to Criticise Islam, Government Report Admits.

“Is everything a conspiracy? no just the important Stuff” Jeff Wells.

The comments are the foot of this article are interesting. The Liberal Proletariat Whores in the Control of the Corporate Media, Globally are ‘Hell Bent’ on stifling any Debate or Objections to their Narrative. In Britain for the past Two Decades there has been a concerted Effort by all Governments to fill The Nation with Foreign Nationals, (Consumers) The Electorate were not Informed or Engaged, concerning this Dictate. Consequently the Indigenous Population saw Brexit as a way to stem the Tide of Mass Immigration. Sadly, they have been deceived. The much maligned British, have been consigned to the Corner of the Room, stifled from any debate, regarding Mass Immigration through Political Correctness (Censorship)

“Definition of stupid; Knowing the truth, seeing the truth, yet still believing the lie”

Happy Days.

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